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  • I am laughing so hard my gut hurts. Seriously, I think you just turned my abs into a bonafied six pack. Haha. You said what I as a woman thought but didn’t have the nerve to say. Thank you, I think I will be laughing all day. I do hope that wherever and whom ever it came from is not in any pain or offended by our joint opinion. I also find it odd that one of the few cysts I have seen from a **ZIT** cheek looks like **ZIT**. Anyway, it will keep me smiling for awhile.

  • From a medical blog called ‘Scalpel or Sword’. One of the parti**ZIT**nts asked the same question. I guess the thing had been growing for a long time, which might explain the color. I think the guy that had it was sitting with one cheek higher for a while.

  • You come up with the best pics and videos. Where are you getting them or should I say how do you get to these sites, and can anyone get on them? Whatever that stuff is, it reminds me soooo much of my dogs **ZIT**, that is if I played with it for awhile before putting it in the **ZIT**y bag.

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