26 February 2017

botfly peru

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  • This individual isn’t right. How could any sane person watch as a huge fat **ZIT**ed maggot move in and out of their body? It was almost if s/he were playing with it…

  • Oh ewww. I don’t know. In the foot? With all those nerves? Oww? MomE, you are correct – “He just ain’t right…”

    What was that blop of blood? Looked like it was squeezed from a hematoma. I’m so confused. Does he leave his shoe off and take it for scenic walks, showing it the local sights? Share a drop of beer with it at the down at the pub? I see some post=partum depression in this guy’s life real soon. Or maybe he’ll keep it in a habitat and let it pupate, emerge, throw in a housefly or mosquito, they do their thing, he gets bot again by the mosquito carrier, and wham – pedigreed second generation….

    ok, ewww. What si wrong with me tonight? I need a lay down. Maybe special drugs. Hit it, CystFace… “They’re coming to take me away…”

    ~ H.S.

  • Just a thought: If this is in the part of the world where a religion based on living out various lives in many life forms, and/or the person is a lower caste who is creating the video, maybe they’re in some way glad to host another ‘soul’ in theirs for a time?

    I think watching it is horrendous and I cannot imagine feeling something like that, unless I was on some very very very strong drugs. However, if it is a methodology related to belief systems that are not my own, I’m not judging the system, just ooking for my own benefit, and glad that I’m invested in a slightly different belief system. (Not going to comment more directly on anything personally about religion as this is a site for bugs ((it seems)) and zits and goo, lots and lots of goo).

    lil z – the open minded and close footed commentator

  • Halph….you have me laughing so hard my sides hurt!!!! “”take it for scenic walks, showing it the local sights? Share a drop of beer with it””….you kill me sometimes with the things you say, I always look forward to your comments and this one in particular still has me giggling!

  • As I watched this video I was screaming, “pull it out! PULL IT OUT”! When the video ended and the bot was still in this guys foot after 3 months, my husband and I both looked at each other with our jaws hanging, as if they had been dislocated. Wow. That’s all I am going to say. Wow.

  • PULL IT OUT PULL IT OUT PULL IT OUT oh I can hear a bunch of people already yelling…

    LIL ZIT GITTER – you are funny! A host to another sentient lifeform?! LMAO! I think you’ve a SCIFI nut like me, eh? Watching too much Star Trek Next Generation? :-O Sorry, no hosting lifeforms with room-temp IQs in my body, thank you very much.

  • this person just aint right!!!
    no one in their right mind lets a maggot live in their body unless for a medical treatment, and bot fly larve are not used for that purpose period.
    this person needs an intervention, quickly.

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