05:05 am
29 May 2015
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Plantar wart gets ripped out! *GRAPHIC*

Alright although this isn’t a cyst, zit or blackhead video, I believe a lot of people might be interested in seeing this rather innovative DIY home surgery some guy decided to perform on a nasty and rather large plantar wart sticking out of the bottom of his foot. Not to mention, I heard the black salve’s guy post was getting lonely in his special category. 😉

The original poster stated that his foot was in extreme pain from the wart and he felt it had to go right then and there as he had to go to work that day. This DIY surgeon’s instrument of choice you ask? A pair of needlenose pliers. I must advise sensitive viewers that it is rather graphic in nature, although I have seen much worse and there is some blood involved but I feel the pain of the procedure was far less than the pain of walking on that nasty wart. He actually sounds quite relieved by the end. Don’t think that wart will be coming back either, he got ALL of it 😉 The removal is clearly audible, and we are treated to a slow motion replay!


SICK! Plantar Wart vs. Needlenose – Watch more Funny Videos

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