19 February 2017

Say Wen?

We are such good site members when we advise the people in our posts when its necessary to go to the doctor. I wonder if we should rethink that?! Maybe this was a tough one 😉

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  • This can’t be a doctor dressed like that with a bracelet like that. Those tweezers don’t look like a doctors. And a doctors office with chemicals on the floor and a cheap plastic container with drawers sitting on the floor. Not a chance

  • OMG! OMG! OMG! Seriously? This was the MOST difficult video that I’ve watched on PTZ or even YT for that matter. That woman was a HACK! WTF? Cutting into someones head like that for that itsy bitsy tiny bit of stuff that they got out? Seriously? And all that repulsive jewlery so close to a huge wound like that? Jewlery gets so dirty, skin cells, couter tops that it touches, bathroom visits, etc. Disgusting. This was beyond horrifying. That poor, poor person! Good **ZIT**! I am sick, just sick over this!

  • I saw a cloths dryer in the background, so this is an amateur hack job. Plus a doc would use a handle on the scalpel. Still interesting to see her carve her “patient” like a Thanksgiving turkey. I hope it didn’t get infected.

  • Ok, I’ve never posted a reply before but this one forces me to ask – how does one find the person that put this on Youtube? With luck, it was originally posted by the poor schmuck and we can find out who hacked him up.

  • You guys always notice so much more than I do, but you are right…I was looking at the shirt and thinking, where’s your coat. I know its late to say this but I hope some of the folks that do drop by see that some things should be left to a real professional.
    @ Kid Antrim, I think you may be right cause I cant imagine anyone trying this on their own. The cut alone was not necessary. Maybe a med school wanna be…if so don’t waste your money.

  • OMG, what a hack job, looks like is was from Mexico or further south, I could have done a better job.
    the so called scalpel looked like an X-acto blade without the handle, did you see her attempt at suturing the wound.
    It looks the the “Doctor” had another hack do her **ZIT** job.

  • Holy S@#t. where did this chick get her medical license? FROM A CRACKER JACK BOX? Her insturments weren’t even sterilized. They had been soaking in betadine water. Not the best sterilization technique for surgical insturments. I have worked with some bad doctors before, but she takes the cake. Inna I love your take on her jewelry. I laughed my **ZIT** off. I believe this was a Native American reservation clinic and she was probably a nurse prac**ZIT**ioner or a physicians **ZIT**istant. Our wonderful Government and (I say that with all the sarcasm I can pull up) doesn’t provide much money for these clinics to run. They barely have money for supplies, much less money for a decent doctor. Thats why you get Dr. Hackem up there.

  • Ok, it was bad enough that she cut a hunk of meat out the size of a piece of bologna, but then to sew it up with knitting yarn. That was too much. Now the lady has a coin purse in her head and she will need to make an appointment with Hair Club for Men.

  • I just loved it when she could get her “scalpel” to cut quickly enough, so she just ripped the skin off! Definitely some kind of amateur or severely undertrained and ill-supplied person!

  • Complete hack job. The syringes are insulin syringes. There was no need to cut her open like that and then literally just hack and pull the tissue away.

    On a side note, please don’t call this butcher a nurse prac**ZIT**ioner or PA. Most of us are extremely well trained and do a great job. This looked more like someone snuck into a clinic at night and pretended to know what they were doing.

  • Snapcracklepop, I am sorry if i gave you that impression. I am a nurse too. I just meant most of the time NP’s and PA’s are the ones that work in those clinics. But, no matter what initials she has behind her name, she is still a butcher and unfortunately she very well could be a MD,PA or NP. Yes, you are correct when you say most are extremely well trained. Yet a few still slip through the cracks and I know for a fact this woman is one of them. Sorry if I offended you or anyone else that, was never my intention.

  • woops, hit enter too quick, wasn’t done venting LOL…..she couldn’t even tie the s**ZIT**ch right the first time for petes sake, what a hack job she did. I have seen sebacous cysts removed from heads for years, and I have never seen it done this horribly, so I think she was just a YouTube fanatic that tried to look like she knew what she was doing. Sheesh!!!!!

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