25 February 2017

*WARNING* Ear Infested With Maggots

**WARNING: Contains graphic real life video of a human being suffering from a severe maggot infestation. Do not watch this video if you are easily grossed out by anything other than pus! (If pus grosses you out, what da heck are you doing on this site?!? lol)**

Technically called ‘Otomyiasis”, this is the ear of a 74 year old patient, an alcoholic who presented to the doctor with a large number of maggots slam dancing in the grunge pit of the ear c**ZIT**s. Yes, I said c**ZIT**s, as in plural – meaning the patient had ‘Bilateral Otomyiasis’. As if ONE ear isn’t disgusting, shiveringly sickening, and life couldn’t get worse!

To say it plainly, so as to have no false pretenses of what you are about to witness: the guy has a lot of maggots infesting both of his ears! It is very, very, very (to infinity!) GROSS! Maggot Therapy? Nope, Maggot Anti-therapy!!!!

I’m sure after treatment the patient probably drank themselves into total oblivion – heck, having endured…that… I, too, would want to be unconscious for as many days as possible. Just… ewwwwwwww. I’m gonna go clean my ears now. Maybe invest in ear plugs. Enjoy the video.

~ H.S.

Otomiasis” originally created and posted to YouTube by Loxo82 on August 15, 2010.

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