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01 December 2015

Head Cyst Home Surgery

Head Cyst Home Surgery
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Man gets what he refers to as his “horn”, plucked out of his freshly sliced noggin. A good old-fashioned sebaceous cyst, DIY home surgery procedure. My only qualms with this one is the rather excessive “X-CUT” incision the “surgeon” makes, and the fact that the music drowns out some of the dialogue towards the end of the video. Other than that, a rather nice quality to this one, featuring a thorough excision plus bonus “fondling” & clear display of “the goods”. Hope you all enjoy :)

Note: Please read the following section AFTER viewing this video for some additional insight and my 2 cents, for optimum viewing pleasure πŸ˜‰

One other note I’d like to address is that the “surgeon’s” closing comments, may leave some of you wondering if the recording was indeed stopped prematurely? Well, please allow me to put that concern to rest right now. Simply by using common logic and observing the behavioral patterns of the people featured in this video, I was able to deduce the answer to that question quite clearly and easily. When you consider even the most obvious facts….1- They were familiar with these type of cyst removal procedure videos as demonstrated by the lingo used and procedure itself. 2- When the cameraperson asked if they should stop recording after the cyst removal had been completed, the parties directly involved with the surgery made it a point to NOT stop recording yet. It wasn’t until the “bounty” had been FULLY captured on video in all its’ glory, that they gave the green light to stop the recording ….So, given these basic facts, common logic dictates that had “the surgeon” indeed discovered anything else to extract, there surely would have been an immediate and excited urgency to turn the camera back on and resume recording, thus ensuring that “everything” would be captured on video πŸ˜‰

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