Very Bloody Doggie Surgery

First a very strong warning.
If animal videos bother you please do not watch this video.
If the sight of blood bothers you at all please do not watch this video.

Seriously, there is gushing blood. Emil may not even allow this post because it’s so graphic.
A vet, DrGreg DVM, talks about ear infections and hematomas in dogs. He explains everything while draining a very **ZIT** hematoma on the outer ear of a fully sedated dog. He uses an interesting suturing technique to allow the ear to heal properly. I don’t usually like the suturing process but this one is very cool.

Thanks to YouTube’s DrGregDVM for “Ear Infections and Hematomas” posted on Jan 30 ’11.

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  • @popperpeeper – that is exactly why most animal videos come with a warning in the introduction, so that those who don’t like them can opt not to watch. You are most **ZIT**uredly not alone in your dislike of animal pus/surgery etc. videos, and that’s OK! 🙂

    ~ H.S.

  • Ahhh, my poor Canary Island Mastif, “Mahalo”, had a hematoma that looked just liked this a couple of months back. She had been shaking her head a lot, and we **ZIT**umed that she had hit it on something. We are in dire straights financially, so we read up, looked at vids, ets, and did our own home surgery, as both my husband and I have issues with going thru the drawers at the MD’s office, so we had all the stuff we needed, lol. We couldn’t put her out, obviously, but she is very well behaved, and we have some lidocaine and a couple of needles, so we numbed the area, cut a small inscision, and drained it out. We had no way of putting a drain in, so we had to do it by m**ZIT**age daily, when we changed the dressing. I had a prescription for an antibiotic that is used for all kinds of infections, we figured her weight as compared to mine, and adjusted the dose, hoping she wasn’t allergic. She wasn’t, and she healed within a week. Her ear feels slightle different from the other, but it’s not visually noticable, so I think we did a pretty good job! I know, some will say that I should have taken her to a vet, but you cannot get blood out of a turnip, so we did the best that we could and it turned out really good.

  • This is not a total “bag on people that don’t want to watch animal vids”, but I have a couple of questions: why do we always get comments about how they don’t like animal vids? If I didn’t like ’em, I’d just skip it and move on, so why comment in a thread about an animal vid that you don’t like them? Secondly, why are people freked out by animal stuff more than people stuff? I am an animal lover, but I definately value the life of another human over an animal any day of the week. So my question is, what bothers the people that can’t watch animal vids, but can watch maggots in a persons nose? Or litres and litres of pus pouring out of a man’s back, probably from his lungs, but not animals?
    Now, let me just state one more time, I am not looking for a fight. I am just wondering what makes people tick, simple as that. K?

  • LIke I said, no judgement and ok, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. I try not to be negative, I was just voicing my appreciation for the things I do like here, that’s all. It’s all good…

  • As far as what makes me tick, **ZIT**, I dunno. It’s just that those ASPCA ads make me run from the room, calling for my dog to come and let e hold him asap! I’m the same way with kids. I am totally grateful for the people who CAN deal with these things though. I just don’t have the same reaction to Tamahra and Blackhead Guy is all. Hey- it’s all good……..

  • Those ads asking for $ to save the kids get to me quite a bit too. Sometimes I get all bent out of shape because of everything that we’ve lost during this recession, but when I am trying to type, and I have to yell at my “sick” daughter to turn the TV down, I am sure thankful that I have all of those things, the kiddo, her health(as she was faking, I’m pretty sure), TV with cable, roof over my head(thanks to in-laws), and a pittance of a check from EDD for my husband. Last but not least, my health may be bad, but not so bad that I can’t get up and play “Just Dance” on the WII with the kiddos, and celebrating 21 years of marriage isn’t too bad either. So I get the emothional thing, but the animals, while not treated in what may be the best way, are at least getting treated, you know?

  • “as both my husband and I have issues with going thru the drawers at the MD’s office, so we had all the stuff we needed, lol.”

    – way to be proud of stealing

  • Animals, peoples, it’s all good with me! If I may add my 2 (wheres the cent sign?)….Animals cant protect themselves from the actions of humans, subconsciously not sorting the good from bad, simply actions. Animals are without choice. I think thats why some get so jittery..just a thought.

  • I love nothing in this world so much as I love my dog, and I didn’t find that video even slightly objectionable. That puppy was lucky to have such a very good doctor to help him, and parents willing to take him to the vet in the first place, which can be so expensive. This video was extremely informative in that it tells you the behavior and symptoms to look for in the first place, and the kind of treatment that the vet should be giving if this happens. We all know that vets are like every other person on this earth; some care more about their work than others. If you truly love your pet it pays to be informed about their special needs because you never know when an emergency is going to occur.

  • well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m “proud” of stealing from the MD’s office, but it sure makes for a better 1st aide kit than any that you can buy!

  • Everything you find in your doc’s exam room can be purchased retail, with the exception of needle syringes and most drugs.

    But the dressings, gloves, hemostats, sterile disposable scalpels, antiseptics, etc. can be easily bought online. Many professional medical people and cops do this to make their own trauma kits, and you can buy such professional kits already **ZIT**embled. You just have to be willing to go beyond the bandaids and Neosporin that the corner drugstore first aid kit has.

  • Nice Video SD. But I do wih they would have showed the inside of the ear c**ZIT**. It’s an ear gunk galore in there. At first sign of ear infection in my dogs they get taken straight to the vet. Brown muddy stuff builds up in the ear as you seen on his finger when he wipes the ear hole and there is a huge amount of it if the ear infection gets bad enough. It smells bad too. It would have been great to watch him clean the dogs ear c**ZIT**. He would have had to do it anyway. 🙁

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