25 February 2017

Botfly extraction from dogs hind leg.

*****WARNING: Botfly/Parasite?animal Video. Use Discretion in Watching, and Respect When Commenting. Thanks! END WARNING!*****

The bot gave a good fight. But lost in the end…

“Como tirar um Berne” posted to YT by zinid2008 on Aug 17, 2010

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  • I know that whenever I wanted to do something potentially painful and/or scary to one of our **ZIT**ers (sorry – that was our term of endearment for our fuzzies), the first thing I did was bring my small children over and instruct them to make quick, random movements while yelling in a loud, high-pitched voice. Worked like a charm every time…. every time I wanted to freak them out and make them panicky and mistrustful of me, that is!

  • that thing was forreal dug in there. poor ol dog. much better now. “dug in like an alabama tick” to quote jesse ventura from predator. thats right a predator quote =)

  • Botfly + tweezers = Gotfly

    Gotfly + Horizontal force = Notfly

    Problem solved.

    NB excessive force applied to tweezers could result in de-**ZIT**ification of Botfly with a small puss eruption (Bonus 😉 )

  • It seems like the pup isn’t really used to be handled at all 🙁 Poor thing. I hope hes okay now 🙂 (and maybe takes a nip at the screaming kids for freaking him out even more . .. )

  • ahhhhhh they hould have squeezed it out everytime they yanked the botfly with the pliers that maggots spikes were grabbing on to the inside of the dog but i am happy they got it out but dang did they have to be so ruff with it great find hatenot smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

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