12:12 pm
27 November 2015

OMGOMGOMG They Put Up Another One!!!

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I am just so excited! I had to rush right in here and put it in so everyone can see it with (well, maybe before, or awhile after) their afternoon snackie time!!! I had originally aimed for breakfast, but the best laid plans of mice and changing hamster cages and forgetting you had no actual bedding to refresh the cleaned cage with, thus instigating yet another trip to the Mega-Super-Someday-You’ll-Just-Move-In Wal-Mart… well, I’m sure you know what these types of days are like. lol

Salisbury Immediate Care & Injury Center, the posters of the great and amazing two part video:


has just graced us with another Abscess Incision and Drainage video!!!

NO more preamble, push play you silly Popologist! (1:15 is where the scalpel comes out to meet skin, so no dwelling too long on anesthetic injections! YAY!) I’m outta here to go watch it again! (tee hee “Hey doc is that a finger in my back, or are you just… wait… ewwww! THAT BE YOUR FINGER DURNIT!”)

A very special shout-out to poppintime who also got very excited and submitted this video, just at a more normal human hour rather than just after the stroke of midnight – the insomniacs play land time!

~ H.S.

Abscess Incision & Drainage with Sac Removal” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by SbyImmediateCare on April 4, 2011

HO-BOY! Action, yeah!

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