12:45 am
23 May 2015
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Oh My Nose Cheese!!!

Oh My Nose Cheese!!!
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They call this one “Nasal Hummus”… now I know why I don’t like hummus!!! We have seen some pretty serious nose worm squeezies, but this guy brought the whole durn worm farm!!!

A Biore pore strip doesn’t stand a chance on this nose. Even the new, extra large body strips couldn’t get the job done. It would be like… like, ummm… trying to pull spaghetti out of a pin hole, hundreds at a time!!! (I can’t wait to read the comments on this video!)

I love what I can find when sleep eludes me. Alas, watcher beware on volume – I am on mute tonight.

**So I just deleted the rest of what I put here – because I could have sworn I had posted this for everyone to wake up to on Monday morning! And since I ended up in bed most of Monday finally catching up on a ton of missed hours in the Land of Nod, I was comforted knowing that at least one video, and a fabulous one at that, was posted. GAH! So my humblest apologies, my erratic sleep and a few other personal matters have had me a bit unfocused and scattered.**

Now – on with the show!!!

~ H.S.

“Nasal hummus” Uploaded to YouTube by maemeowmae on Jun 26, 2011

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