Sebaceous Cyst Contents Explained

Another stellar post from Dr. Yadav…

YT Commentary:

“Here you can see an old sebaceous cyst and from it its content keratin oozing out, this is the same keratin of which our skin layers, hairs and nails are made up of, it is actually a kind of protein, it has a particular smell due to presence of some sulpher content…”

RUNTIME: 1min 51sec

TITLE: “Sebaceous Cyst & Keratin”

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  • That was a most **ZIT**le video. Would LOVE to get my grimy mitts on one of those babies. It sort of reminded me of the way cake frosting comes out of a plastic tube. That thing was the gift that kept on giving. I think I want to be a Dermatologist.

    • @Tim – great description – grimy it definitely is. One of the few times I feel like I could hurl looking at a cyst content. It looked like it must have smelled – ran everyone out of the building requiring INDUSTRIAL SIZE Febreeze 🙂

    • @Taka – the picture in which the material is piled up – how much do you think was there? Substantial amount at any rate. It must have been a sizable cyst wherever it was located! A before and after picture would be extra great!

  • You never , ever , ever let us down Dr. Yadav with your totally awesome video”s. I love everything you have to show us, and such an informative video as well , Thank you so very very much !!!!!! We really do appreciate you

  • Awesome payload. What dictates the color and consistency of the keratin? Sometimes it white and flaky and sometimes it resembles river mud. Thank you Dr. Yadav! Outstanding post! 🙂

    • Keratin plays a role in a number of body structures (hair, nails, horns and hooves if you have them ;),…) in skin is the main structural component, providing it with flexibility and protecting it from infection. The cells are produced continuously by keratinocytes, and cells flake off daily with a life cycle of 30 – 45 days.

      Environmental issues including sun exposure, disease, skin care, genetics can all affect skin and therefore keratin. I’d imagine we sometimes see pigment (melanin) in the keratin, but I’m still trying to reference that, although don’t we see a lot of darker pigmented material expressed in darker pigmented individuals?

    • Blech!!! The river mud ones make me wanna spew chunks!! Reminds me of the dude squeezing that huge cyst in between his thighs? The one that looks like peanut **ZIT**er or smells like peanuts? Something fricken disgusting…LOL…

      Doc Yad!! Bang up job man!! This is awesome, thanks for posting it!!

  • As always, Dr. Yadav, amazing video!! 😀 You always bring us the very best & we all look forward to your videos! 🙂 Can’t thank you enough for taking the time, & making the effort, to record these & for the excellent treatment of your patients. Goodness knows this world could use more comp**ZIT**ionate physicians such as yourself! 🙂 Thank you again for all that you do for your patients & for us! 😀

  • You have done it again dr. Y. I know that when I see your name on a video we are getting a quality video. I loved it. The only disappointment was that it ended far too soon. What part if the body was that cyst as it looked like the nose?

    You’re a ledgend in the popping world dr l. Y.
    Keep them coming

  • Oh how I’ve missed you so Dr Yadav! I just knew when we did see you, you would bring us something special! And, of course, how could we have known this would be much better than special! This was fantastic. I’ve learned something today and everyday I learn something new, is a good day for me! Thank you for sharing your very best with us!!

    • @3cysterscafe – he was quiet for a while but he comes back with SPECTACULAR fanfare!!!!!!!!! WOW – it was amazing, stomach churning, educational all wrapped into one icky sticky stinky package 🙂 🙂 🙂 Did you notice the greenish brown slime spots it created on his glove? WOW!!! ALWAYS a MUST see when Dr. Y posts!!!

      • Why would anyone thumbs down this? What a weasle this person is….I think your comment was awesome and I thumbs upped it to counter the negative vote…lol

      • Diamond Girl: from what I’ve seen, there’s at least one lurker around here who enjoys thumbs downing everyone. The telltale is when you see a long streak of comments with a thumbs down. There’s at least 10 thumbs downed comments above this and many after.

        In terms of why GAPAOH got so many, they asked a question so I would take most of the thumbs down as answers from fellow popologists saying that either they didn’t see the spots or that they are not fans of Dr. Y videos.

      • @ Diamondgirl andOozeLover: I don’t know who it is but I think there are at least 2 of them.

        They don’t have the courage to address me or others directly so they use the ‘thumbs down’ to try and bully people from making comments.

  • Nice nice nice , the video more beautiful than Popthatzit who have never posted, density
    right of cheese, very good flowability, a pleasure to see and enjoy it again and again

  • Thank you Dr Yadav !
    This video was awesome visually-wise but the informations you gave us….thats what I will remember from this great video.

    5 stars and directly into my favorites! (I’ll do the same on your YT account)

  • Dr. Yadav, I’ve been checking daily for your latest masterpiece. This one is quite satisfying! I didn’t know what to make of the off-white color but soon got used to it and enjoyed the sheer volume of “sebaceous material”.
    Thank **ZIT** for you Dr. Yadav and for your patients who don’t seem to mind having their cyst and blackheads removed on camera for our viewing pleasure. Geez, what I wouldn’t give to hang out with you for a week.

  • Thank you so much, Dr. Yadav, for making us feel like we’re all right there beside you as your handy **ZIT**istants. Your instructions are so clear that I have to keep reminding myself that it still takes an expert to extract this so effortlessly.

  • I have never seen anytthing quite like that in my life. I would love to have seen the size of the sac that was holding all of that industrial waste. If a prop man were trying to set a scene like this for a movie, he would never be able to create anything to match this real life version. Dr. Y, your case load certainly has a lot of interesting people with very unusual problems in it. Thank you for thinking of us again and keep up your excellent work.

  • Welcome back Dr Yadav! The video is great as usual, and enough different from all previous to be the greatest now.

    And also, as usual, something is left to be viewed in our minds, for example, the things that happened later with the rest of the cyst.

  • Again Dr Yadav. Incredible. Flabberghasting. I’m left speechless. The only small blot is he didn’t weigh the stuff. Would have been interesting if we could compare it to the volume contained in a jar of peanut **ZIT**er.

    Too bad he wasn’t the popper on the “Operation Kill George” cyst. I’m sure he would have filled the jar with the cream back then.

  • Again Dr.Y thank you. You understand what we want and enjoy.
    I wish we could get a video like you have done with the blackhead extractions but I would like it to last longer, kind of a “feature length”.
    Maybe I am being greedy but I am so into the video and it seems to end when the is so much left to do.

    Dr.Y we really do appreciate any and all videos you post. Have you ever ask any of these men you have videoed why they have let there face get so bad and not tried to remove , by whatever means, these huge blackheads and cyst?

    Keep doing the great work you do Dr.Y, we will be waiting here to watch!

  • Dear Dr. Yadav you are a master when it comes to these video’s!!!!! This was fantastic and I could not get enough of watching it.
    No words can express the pleasure I got from seeing this video. Thank you Dr. Yadav, like someone already said on here, you are a legend here on PTZ and a big part of our family!!

  • Dear Doctor Yadav–once again you grace our little “community” with one of your wonderful videos. For this, we are most grateful, and certainly much the wiser from listening to your narrative.
    Now,’scuse me while I go watch it again! Kthxbai

  • I get so excited when come here & see a new video from Dr V! The content alone is usually 5 star worthy, but I love how he gives us descriptions &/or mini lectures on what we’re seeing.

    Just wondering, does the keratin get darker as it ages? What happens if you never remove the cyst? Will it eventually solidify?

  • Great video, lots of pus filled action, chocolate pudding style no less. I actually saw this on YT just after it came out, but had to watch again on PTZ as well (it’s that good). However, I do have a question for the good doctor. I’ve noticed that in many videos that the cyst wall (sac) is not being removed. I was curious as to if it is actually being removed, but that part is just not filmed (if that’s the case, PLEASE do film it as well), or if it’s simply a matter of not having enough time to remove due to high volume, or patient not being able to pay for additional services (lengthier visit time). Thanks again and keep the good times a rolling. C.

  • When I check PTZ to see what new videos are here, I look at the poster as well. When I see Dr. Yadav’s, it’s an automatic thought “oooh this is gonna be great” ! Just like others have commented, my first thought was that thigh video a while ago…Thanks Dr. Y for another great post!

  • Great video!

    1) The color of the keratin indicated that it was extremely old. I’ve seen decade old cysts popped and they were still mostly white so it makes me wonder how old this one is. Also, was the color influenced by hair or some other foreign substance?

    2) I’m curious as to why the cyst was popped. As old as it was maybe quality of life issues were in question.

    3) The slow motion was cl**ZIT**y and really let you see the action. ^_^

    4) The Doc’s constant pressure made the procedure fast and hopefully less painful. I can only imagine what pain some people went through during some of the more lengthy home poppings I’ve seen.

  • Holy green keratin batman!! That was incredible!! I could almost smell it and wanted to hurl!!! Love this Dr! He is SO one of us!! THank you Dr Yadav!! We love you!

  • ….I was eating Oriental flavored Ramen noodles while I decided to click on this video….The resemblance between my noodles…You know, the ones I’m eating and the stuff coming out of that dude’s….Chin or whatever, is uncanning. I am pretty sure this is how Ramen noodles are made.

  • nothing to be said that hasn’t already been said so I will just echo high praise of this instructional Doctor and man what a keratin loaded cyst. That was huge and full and disgusting I LOVED it lol


  • Hey “thumbs down” people: you get joy out of leaving the thumbs down symbols on everybody’s posts, yet you don’t seem to reply to any posts. At least have the courtesy of what your mother taught you growing up. “If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”
    Otherwise, post a comment here and there. There’s bound to be another thumbs-down person to agree with you. And besides, there’s many different viewpoints on this site.
    Regarding this video: another ace in the hole for Dr. Yadav!
    That body part was the nose, correct?

  • This is just so incrediable to watch…Ive watched it so many times and may have already commented on it…but I think it deserves more comments…This definately one of my all time favorites. I never get tired of watching it. When I need my “fix” this is my go to video. Thanks Dr. Y. for ALL of your wonderful videos.

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