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27 November 2015

Introducing the Umbolith – A Black Stone… *FIXED*

Thats a first for me…The guy went to the Doctor because he a huge black “stone” in his belly **ZIT**on!

YT Commentary:

“This young man attended our OPD for health check up.On examination of his abdomen I found some interesting Unusual thing in his naval belly.First I felt as if patient has done naval piercing. But on close inspection , deep in his umbilicus I found it not a navel piercing,but some black m**ZIT** popping his head out side.It was deeply buried inside the naval belly , black in color and difficult to remove.
Patient gives history of presence of this hard m**ZIT** in his bally **ZIT**on for many years.He felt pain whenever he tried to remove it from his naval opening.
It is called Black stone or calculus of umbilicus .
Also called Umbolith or Omphalolith.
It is usually present as black m**ZIT** in umbilicus but in small size.But in this case it was of 1 cm x 0.7 cm size black hard stone in his naval belly (umbilicus) which is quite rare.People those do not have good personal hygiene, who never clean properly their belly **ZIT**on , can develop these type of stones.
Chemically it is mainly composed of Keratin and se**ZIT**.It is called stone as it is hard in nature.
Patient may remain asymptomatic or may present as pain,swelling and discharge from umbilicus.”

RUNTIME: 1min 39sec

TITLE: “Black Stone / Calculus (Umbolith) From Umbilicus Getting Popped Out”
YT INFO: Uploaded by sankaqm5 on October 6, 2012

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