25 February 2017

Removing Pimples Under High Magnification VI


This will be my sixth video in this series. I call it ‘Texas Tea’. Why I give them names I don’t know but I’ll continue.ย This session was, again, on my nose and face. I used videos from several sessions to make this video. I hope everyone enjoys. ย 

I am using a basic wire type comedone extractor and an inexpensive USB microscope. Please know that it is very hard to keep everything steady and in focus at all times. I try my best and am learning as I go. The music is royalty free (as always) and is called ‘Court of the Queen’ by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com Thank you Kevin for the wonderful website. I would also like to thank the nice people at PopThatZit.com and thank everyone for watching and commenting!

RUNTIME: 7min 30sec

TITLE: “Removing Pimples Under High Magnification – Texas Tea”
YT INFO: Published on Nov 14, 2012 by RussHamString

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  • This was another delight. As always, thank you for sharing your videos with us.
    How do you relieve your skin’s irritation after a popping session, cold water, alcohol wipe?

    • I’m completely new here so I have no idea if this would even be a plausible idea, but would aloe work? You’d think if it could work well on a sunburn and after waxing it should be fine to use for this purpose. Or even witch hazel you think?

    • @comedoness Thank you very much!! I would compare the irritation with a sunburn as ChristyxBee says. I find that if I put some Neosporin on it right after, it seems to go mostly away over night. In the morning I would have little red spots that fade away in a few days. After that it has a little crusty stuff like a sunburn. A good face washing takes this off like magic and my face then looks and feels “normal” again. “Normal being back to where I was before the videos.

      @ChristyxBee Welcome! I’m not sure if those will work. I’ll give them a try and see if it heals faster. Thank you for watching.

      @comedoness Is which hazel good for things like that? I never used it. Thaks for watching my videos!

      • Hi there Russ , I was noticing how oily your skin seems to be. Is it really oily , or is it just the magnification ??

      • Dude, great video. Witch hazel works great to clean and soothe the skin. You would probably have less crustiness than you do with neosporin.

  • I LOVE THIS SERIES! I’ve been favoriting them all so far. This is what we call beautiful skin – skin where pores can be seen and pushed at to clean ! Well done! Bravo!

    • I forgot to mention that I loved the music in this one. It was like a victory parade tune dedicated to you for fighting and winning the battle of any comedone! Love love love love this!

  • A lovely “Waltz Across Texas Tea” with thee.
    I’m thinking Witch Hazel (an astringent) might tend to “clear up” comedones. It worked for me as a teen, but I never had a serious problem with them…all that right living out here in the Midwest.
    Thanks again for another great post.

  • great work russ! i an almost out of juice, but i wanted to give you 2 thumbs up! btw, for problem spots of inflammation/swelling, try crushing an aspirin and applying the powder to the area with water or lotion. not a whole lot, just a fingerprint full. cheers!

  • Russ,
    Once again you have outdone yourself!!! I am supposed to be getting ready for an airporter van to pick me up. I saw your video and decided to shower and pack just a bit faster.
    What part of the face was this taken? I saw hair so could it be bearded edge, chin, or neck?

  • Freaking AMAZING, Russ!!! I can honestly say I am mesmerized every time I watch one of these videos. I stare at a spot under the extractor that I think is going to be popped, and POP! there goes another place that is popped also. It is awesome. I wish my husband would let me use one of these on him, but he won’t. BUMMER!!!! LOL

  • Russ, time-lapse photography must be your next port of call, should you find yourself out of personal material!!! I feel you have the patience and expertise to perform that skillful work. The music is perfect as always.

  • Russ,
    RE: Your sore face after extractions…I think you should (every night before bedtime and after you’ve brushed your teeth) apply a hot washcloth to your face to open the pores and then a lovely facial of used or new motor oil all over your face…then, off to bed!! Just kidding, of course.

  • Well, Russ, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and it seems to apply in spades to your videos. And if I haven’t commented on the great mood music, I will now. It really adds to the whole. It is mood music without sounding like the dreaded ‘elevator music’. You say you put a lot of effort into the music, and it pays off. Just a small query if I may be so bold. What is the white material on your skin in some of the shots? For all I know, it could be ambient light. Keep up the great effort Russ. Your work is always has an eager audience here at PTZ.

  • Russ it is me again .Number6 is the very best you have done. I just logged on and went straight to your video. But listen you take care of your face. I know once you get started with those extractors, they are very very hard to put down….. GOOOOOD JOB PEGGY.

  • I wonder…am I the only one who found themselves repeatedly reaching for their own nose? Though my wife tells me I a twisted puppy because I check this site daily for new clips (if only she knew in actuality, I check in several times a day – hate to miss anything), it is fascinating stuff.
    Great stuff Russ! WHOOOT!!

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