18 February 2017

NoseMD: Endoscopic Shaving of Nasal Polyps

BigTull Presents: NoseMD’s
“Endoscopic Shaving of Nasal Polyps”

This vid is all about our friend Diego the Microdebrider!!!

X-ray Showing Immense Polypus Obstruction of Sinuses

“removal of obstructing nasal polyps with a shaver… elderly patient, unable to sleep…”

RUNTIME: 9min 28sec

TITLE: “Endoscopic Shaving of Nasal Polyps”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 20, 2013 by NoseMD

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  • Thanks BigTull! This was all full of mucus and polip and pus, all the slimy stuff we all love so much! I could not believe how much was in there! It’s no wonder that poor woman couldn’t breathe! That was pretty much almost 100% bloodless surgery. I’ll bet she’s a happy camper now!

  • “The patient is now able to breathe better.” Goood-nesss I can’t imagine what kind of experience that patient is having without all of that stuff gone. ON BOTH SIDES! I wonder if her walking got all wonky because her head is balanced differently.
    I’m going to put a copy of this on my phone and show my parents. Trying to get them to get their stuff taken care of at the doctor is like pulling teeth (Mom got a tooth pulled this week). I’m happy for the patient. I bet this changes things for the better in so many ways.
    Way to go Doc! I would LOVE to hear the actual operating room conversation, although I had a running narrative for that in my head.

  • That would have been sensational if he could have gotten it out without using the Diego. That was a huge polyp and I would have loved to see the whole thing all layed out. I bet that he or she felt like a new person being able to breathe and sleep after that big wad of junk was removed. Great video Big Tull.

  • I am always encouraged to see such professional medical treatment. This doctor uses excellent technique, has steady hands, and gives a terrific running commentary, so we can know exactly what is happening.

    Surely the patient will enjoy breathing normally again! Well done.

  • That was freaking awesome, so fascinating to watch a surgeon navigate through the area whereas I am lost once they go past the entrance to the nose lol

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