26 February 2017

Headbump Pus Pop! *Alt Version Added*

Seems like a never-ending lump of pus grew on this person’s noggin. Squeeze it like you mean it! At least the hole seemed big enough, lol!

🙂 🙂 🙂


*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
PTZ Does Not Recommend DIY Medical Treatment of Any Kind
As a Subs**ZIT**ute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

“What comes out of a cyst on your head when it gets opened up?
M**ZIT**ive head **ZIT**p (cyst) explosion….it didn’t really explode, it was cut open. This is just nasty, disgusting and not for anyone that might have a weak tummy.
Can’t stand the sight of blood & puss? Don’t watch this!
From the beginning it actually took about 5 minutes to get everything out of this thing.”

RUNTIME: 2min 56sec

TITLE: “Big Nasty Cyst”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 12,2013 by mizz6633

“I left the sound on this time, it’s more fun to hear what’s going on. I had this big nasty, itchy, painful cyst on my head. It started out like a little pimple and grew over time and was half the size of a golf ball. I tried hiding it but the bigger it got, the harder it was to hide. It started looking like a horn was growing and I was turning into a unicorn! I couldn’t take it anymore and when my son volunteered to cut it open for me, I told him to do it and he couldn’t back out at the last minute, either……amazing what was hidden inside!!”

RUNTIME: 3min 53sec
TITLE: “Cyst on my head…..”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 22,2013 by mizz6633

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  • This is one of the reasons that barbers keep their combs and scissors in the gl**ZIT** jar filled with the translucent blue disinfectant solution in between customers.

  • Good golly, Miss Molly!!! It appears that this is one of the largest head **ZIT**ps that I have ever seen. I almost expected little cracker jack toys and Monopoly markers to start squirting out. I do believe that not everything was removed from this monster and that we may see an encore. Thanks for the post, JSI.

      • I stand corrected. Would never have thought of that. My tongue feels odd – must have kept it in my cheek too long.

    • She evidently thought it was going to be a river of goo coming out. Or better yet… maybe she’s in the witness protection program?!?!?!? It *was* a nice little video for a leisurely Sunday afternoon!

      • ROTFLMAO. Tis is an expression that you don’t often hear and this is the second time today. I had major abdominal surgery and have only been home from the hospital for a week – after 3 weeks in the hospital. I have a home care nurse coming daily to change the dressing and put in packing. As it is the weekend, I had a different nurse today. She phoned and told me that she would be at my place as soon as she could find it. When I asked where she was and she told me, it turned out that she was only about 2 blocks away. The complex that I live in is only a few years old and many people have difficulty finding it. I gave her very explicit instructions how to reach my apartment and she replied with ”Are you in a witness protection program?” When she arrived – within a couple of minutes, she kept me in s**ZIT**ches the entire time that she was here. She was as good as most stand up comics. They say that laughter is the best medicine and she certainly proved it.

      • Pusareus, I hope you’re healing well then! It does not sound like you’ve had a very fun month or so. Good to hear that the nurse was able to bring you some good mental health too.

        Your story made me remember – the comedian/actress Bonnie Hunt was a nurse before she went into comedy. She worked at the hospital at Northwestern U here in Chicago and then either as a home nurse, like the lady you saw today, or in a longterm care facility, I cannot remember which. But she had a patient who thought she was just the funniest person and convinced her to pursue comedy. She switched sides of the medical aisle to comedy, maybe your nurse will too! 🙂

    • Lol… The guy popping was like gonzo from the muppets… smearing pus everywhere and pinching like there was no tomorrow. I was expecting him to roar like KONG.

  • That was a well packed lump! I believe she’ll be back indeed. Her son did a fantastic work of the cyst. He was giving only good hard, effective squeezes. Very nice. Extra wiping when the cyst/pimple/boil is in the middle of hair like that is understandable, IMHO. I don’t think he rose to the level of hyper wiper, close, but not quite there.

    All in all, I lovely, lovely cyst drain. Hopin’ for part 2! Thanks so much, @justsqueezeit.

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