21 February 2017

BigTull Presents: “Ear Fun…Gus!”

BigTull Presents: Dr Rahmat Omar’s
“Suction Clearance of Superficial Fungal Infection…”

Fungus. Spores. Collecting inside your ear. Colonizing. Growing. Spreading…

Learning? Taking Over the World? Ah, maybe not that far. But, probably best to suck it out of there before anything does happen which is best covered in a B-Horror flick…

YT Commentary:
“This video depicts removal of superficial fungal infection involving the right ear c**ZIT** by using suctioning technique. Excellent view was achieved by using rigid endoscope and projected to the visual display unit. Gentle and meticulous suction was performed to minimize pain (the ear p**ZIT**age is inflamed and sensitive) and to allow complete removal of the fungal materials. By removing the fungus and its accompanied discharge and epithelial debris, the anti-fungal medications has a better contact with the ear c**ZIT** surface to allow optimal therapeutic effect. It also give immediate relief of ear block and improves hearing (conductive deafness). Anti-fungal eardrop was instilled at completion of the procedure in this patient. Alternatively, anti-fungal in powder form such as clotrimazole can be applied by using atomizer spray dispenser.”

RUNTIME: 6min 56sec

TITLE: “Suction Clearance of Superficial Fungal Infection of The Ear C**ZIT** (Otomycosis)”
YT INFO: Published on Jun 20,2013 by drrahmatorlummc

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