26 February 2017

Microscopic Blackhead Pop

Did a search, but didn’t see this video on here. Straight up, there is some extremely shaking camera work in between the popping- but have no fear, the camera is steady for the actual pop. The first one just looks gross as all get out- but this person appears to have a **ZIT**per crop in their ear. They have four other videos- so I’m hoping for more of the same.
Popping a Blackhead in Ear
Uploaded Feb. 1, 2014
by MicroscopeAdventure
Run Time 3:30

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  • I know this is sick but when I see them actually finally come out they remind me of a big “**ZIT**” being squeezed out til relief finally is achieved ;0 LOL!! …. eeew sorry GROSS! But I do enjoy this video post! Thanks!

    • Oh, I know!!!! It may be potty talk, but me too lol. I enjoyed although I have seen before. It must be difficult to do a complete search before posting something you may think is new. The archives here are vast!!

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t mind reposts. I don’t have a lot of time to cull through the pages and pages of archives, so if something isn’t readily apparent to a poster, there is a good chance I haven’t seen it.
    During slow periods I think it might be a good practice for people a little more familiar with the “inventory”, as it were, to pull up some of the really good oldies, dust them off, and let newer people get their squeeze on.

    • Absolutely agree. I’ve been a ‘watcher’ for years, but didn’t actually join until about a month ago. As I’m surfing looking for something wonderful to watch, I think I can already tell if I’ve seen something before, so I just don’t watch it again. That doesn’t mean that new people don’t want to see it though. And by the way, this was a good one.

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