21 February 2017

Cheers for Ears!

There’s nothing like a job well done.
I love these ENT (Ear/Nose/Throat aka Otolaryngology) videos.
Peel away the bad bits. Nice size clumps. When it’s gone it’s gone.
Very satisfying. Enjoy!
YT Poster: Ear Wax Removal
Run Time: 2:32

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  • TREMENDOUS amount of junk coming out of the ear. I would have liked to see the entire amount of ear waste produced. What a relief! The videos with the roaches or other kind of bug makes me sick.

  • I find this interesting because when I was 6, my mother suddenly realized I wasn’t responding to voices anymore; numerous ENT visits and one adenoid surgery later the problem resolved. But the point is that now I know what that guy was seeing in my ear! And also the closest I ever was with my mother is when she would root around in my ears with a bobby pin during this time – something she was probably NOT supposed to do, I am guessing (tho likely no more barbaric than early 1960’s ENT surgery by todays standards) – and then she would show me what she dug out if I asked her (back in the day, parents did not commonly respond to requests from children – think January Jones in ‘Mad Men’).

    That early experience really set the stage for teenaged blackhead and pimple popping, I am sure. If it weren’t for that obsession, I’d probably still be sucking my thumb!

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