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27 July 2016

Gross Out Videos – If You Dare

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    Thought the other thread was dragging on a bit, so here is a nice clean fresh one (like still warm laundry, ahhhh).

    **WARNING – Watching ANY videos on this thread may cause such permanent damage as night terrors, phobias, insomnia, vegetarianism, and tree hugging. Please also have a sense of humor for my offbeat warnings. But still, viewer beware! If you don’t like gross things, VERY GROSS things, please do not watch. If you do watch, please don’t get angry with the poster(s) – you made a choice of free will. 🙂 Thank you! WARNING**

    Umm, let’s see – so you have an idea of what you might be getting yourself into, I’ll provide a **ZIT**le, and a brief description. Other posters of gross and shocking videos, its your choice on putting a **ZIT**le or description. However, please, do indicate if the video is on a site that contains other **ZIT**ographic or intense images in ads on the same page as the video. Thanks!!! Happy, ur, um, well… enjoy? Keep bucket handy? Erm… yeah.

    Kitten Eats Wild Rabbit: Mother cat hunts up a wild rabbit and one kitten decides to have itself a feast. Shown in super-fast speed, which actually makes it somewhat funny. But I am unsure if I will ever sleep well around kittens again! *shudder*


    ~ H.S.

    ps – TC, tag! You’re it! he he he

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