Oh man. Its not a tumor!! Actually it is a tumor!

Cl**ZIT**ic, all the way around!

(PTZ Highlight during May 2011)

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  • I am a surgical nurse and he has no gloves on, the squirt was too formed and the way he pulled the cyst out, if you look the back comes pratically off the guy. Such a poor film job. Definitley low budget

  • omg when the back door doc stuffed his/her/its finger in the open wound i peed on myself a little . nothing like throwing a little burnt cotton in your wound to heal it up nicely. f.ing love 3rd world country medical procedures. get it together wear some gloves. i dont think a bible is a good form of antiseptic but i could be wrong.

  • He could have put on a pair of surgical gloves or at least washed his hands!! Yuck!!!. And did I hear correctly? I can understand no general anesthesia but no freezing the site??!!! Or not even a sedative other than prayer??!! If I were the patient that “Doctor” had better pray before even touching me.

  • This guy makes me soooo angry! He preys on these people by making them think that he’s “curing” their cancer by removing these “tumors” and then takes their money. I’ve seen other vids of him other “healers” of his kind and you never see them working on anything other than sebaceous cysts and abscess’, but they are very convincing to ignorant and innocent people who don’t know any better and who don’t have much access to real medical care. It’s just sad!

  • oh **ZIT**! this is the first video i ever saw of a good popping…back in the 80’s on the ‘faces of death’ video! i used to replay it in my head! it is probably responsible for my morbid fascination with poppings!

  • the need for universal precautions is absolute, without question. This vid. is old, perhaps the 70’s. I really doubt in all corners of the world, they were practiced.
    This is the vid. that did it for me!

  • Wow… interesting… wipping the tumor… no gloves… hm. I don’t get why they didn’t just yank the core out and get the pain over with. Tugging on it was not needed.Geez. Nice pile though. I liked the spoon. ^-^ At first, it looked as if they were gonna EAT it. Lol. Great video!

  • Don’t you just love how he takes the spoon and just scoops it out. I have seen this one many times, but I always have to watch it again, when I come across it. Cl**ZIT**ic, like Coca Cola, DWS

  • haha ok the tree friendly song adds a **ZIT**a funny touch to this video im still laughing and then i felt like karate kid mr miyagi was teaching a cl**ZIT** to us wax on wax off daniel son….lmao….thank you for the great funny post Emilbus20 smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • WAAAAY before I knew about PTZ, I saw this vid. In my mind, it will always be “the one with the spoon.” Our narrator seems to have a good time with the mystery of the thing. It seems like the person who wrote the narration wasn’t actually there.
    The magic movement of the hand? There was probably a razor blade in it. Note the straight line and shallow cut.
    The “burned cotton” put into the wound looks like a cotton swab with that iodine-like liquid we see in the vids from India used for cleaning and packing I&Ds. Oh, a favorite. A sweet combination of the DIYs and Pro vids we see here.

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