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  • Most of the Blackheads are Infected as you can see from the Pus Filled Blisters. He needs to Drain those or else get a Nasty Skin Infection and/or 1 or more Giant Abscesses. As you can see, some are very large Blisters Filled with Pus that are starting to Abscess.

  • A good way to Drain them, is to put on a Pair of Disposal Gloves and gently squeez out Pus. They are so Filled up that it so just take a Light Squeez to get them to blow out tons of Juicy, Wet, and Chucky Pus n Cores. ONLY WAY TO AVOID FURTHER INFECTION!!!!!!!

  • This is a Staph Infection gone out of control. We see a lot of this in the ER. The DRs. just squeez out the pus and cores then start IV Clindamycin 600mg (its an Antibiotic)

  • We had a Case a little worse than this one tonight. This kids Chest was COVERED! The DR. just put on Gloves and Squeezed out the big, raging, ready to burst ones and used an extractor on the rest. The Kid felt 30#s lighter but was in god awful pain from all the skin ruptures. We gave him Antibiotics, Pain Meds, Heat Pads, and sent him Home. POOR KID! I would say about 200ccs Pus total and over 80 Plugs.

  • That dosn’t look like puss to me at all. Thats a collection of se**ZIT** in each of those enlarged pores. The disgusting part is he or she has had them for an extreamly long time and proper bathing would have ruptured most of them before they became so acute.

  • I want to make this picture my computer wallpaper so I can look at it all the time. What I would give to be able to drag the edge of a pair of tweezers across this mess and force them all to pop out!

  • How could he/she not itch at some point and all these just pop out when they scratched at that area. Either the person is paralyzed and cannot get decent help or something. Nobody could have that and just let it go unless they were in a coma or something. How horrible to be in a coma and have an itch and not be able to tell someone. How awful to be in a coma anyway??? I am thankful for all that is right with me.

  • How come there are never any videos of these types of blackheads? Also, the ones that it says on one photo comment are caused by exposure to some kind of insect-killing chemical? These must be "fixed" after the photo is taken–if nothing else, where are the "after" pictures? PS: my husband and son think I’m really sick to look at this site, but…I like it!

  • @July 15 and July 18 2007: it *is* a lymphoma that’s causing the acne; it’s blocking his hair follicles trapping se**ZIT** in until it looks like that. Goolge lymphoma and comedones, click the dermAtlas that is the first entry in search results, then scroll down a bit. Two other pics in that link. It isn’t caused by dioxin-rich insecticides (aka chloracne) although it sure as **ZIT** DOES look like chloracne.

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