Cyst on Face

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  • See the blackheads above that big swollen area? You don’t get blackheads like that if you wash your face…I’d like to see those things on a Biore strip…it’d look like a friggin forest

  • the blackheads are 1 of 2 things–lack of cleanliness or a skin disorder (my dad has it) but the other looks more like inpentigo(sp?) that should heal with meds and time.

  • This guy has three things going on here, first he has a really bad cyst, second I see some lovely blackheads, that I would just love to pop, and third he has some comedones that would produce a little pus. Wow, I would say he has combination skin……..DwS

  • Since he has so many different types of skin conditions, what would the expert work on first? Would he do all the blackheads first, then move on to the other types? And would he start at the top and work down? If anyone knows, please post, and I’ll check back in a few days! Or tell poppy on chat!!

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