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  • Italians are NOT greasy! I think that’s about Mexicans. I’ve heard the phrase, "Greasy Mexicans", but NOT "Greasy Italians". Italians are also NOT Guineas. You’re talking, and I don’t hear a **ZIT****ZIT** thing coming out of your mouth. Do you even know what a Guinea is? I don’t think so, or else you wouldn’t be calling Italians, "Guineas". Number 1, a Guinea is a former English gold coin that is equal to 21 shillings and Number 2, it’s a country on the West Coast Of Africa! Last time I checked, Italian people came from Italy, NOT Africa. Jeez, you don’t even know your Geography, or your nationalities! You don’t even know the proper derogatory names to match the correct nationality! O.K., I’ll give you "Wop", but even that word doesn’t mean anything and NOO it does NOT mean "Without Papers"! Do you know how many foreigners arrived in this country without their papers? See, people never learn the correct way to speak, they just listen to other people and pick up made-up words from people that have been pzited from one person to another for years! "Wop" is a made-up word from people who were looking for word to mean something nasty about Italians. It doesn’t mean anything bad in Italian. Like "Spook" for a black person, or "Mick" for an Irish person. For Christ’s sake! Go back to school!

  • I thought wop was the sound a flat tire made as you were rolling down the road!! C’mon, what about that awesome cracking zit?!?! I had to listen and look at that littering the mirror 20 times! It’s about zits not nationalities for pete’s sake Great post guys, do it again Love it I don’t care if its a wop, guinea, or beaner or greaser zit lol

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