ARm boil

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  • This is actually an Infected Blised filled with Pus n Fluid. Burst it with a sterile pin or push upward on it to get the junk out of the and then start Antibiotics for 7 days. AND LOTS OF MOTRIN OR PAIN MEDS AS PERSRIPTIOMS!!!!!!!!

  • My **ZIT** – that blister looks like a snow globe. Eww. Ick. Fun, though! Makes great party conversation – “Wanna see me shake my snowglobe?” Tell me that line wouldn’t stop you in your tracks cold – and I would just hafta find out…. hehehe. Alas, I am sure it no longer exists. That is the way of all skin eruptions – hair today, comedone tomorrow. (yes, I know I am stretching the pun quotient here, just my way)

  • wow thats kinda creepy looking you can see the pus through the boil like one of those snow globs wonder if i shook that person arm up and down if the pus would move like one of those globes lol great pic find Emilbus20 smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

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