Big nasty Back Cyst

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  • What else did you expect the man to do? What would you have done if there was no one around to help you, or you did not wish to subject anyone to dealing with this for you? I think he did what was right with what he had to work with.

  • i want to be there to help him. why do my friends never call me when they get these things?? i think they’re afraid of my joy. i woulda helped ya dude. we’d have gotten it all, i’d have cleaned it up and dressed it for ya and sent ya to the doc for antibiotics. cause now you have a big**ZIT** hole in your back. i miss **ZIT**isting with wound care.

  • This was 2 years ago, and I wonder how long it took for the thing to go away (the swelling, scab, bruising, etc.) and if it filled up again with, uh, stuff. His friend (or any capable friend) should have been helping with THIS part, not just for the too-sensitive and not-ready first attempt. Did he ever go to the doc? He was borderline **ZIT**holish to his friend, Val, when she tried to help him, and I wonder if she said no if/when he asked again later. Like this is really any concern or business of mine! I’ve GOT TO get out more!

  • That just had to be painful. Seriously, this guy needed a doctor to look at that infection–I wonder where he is now with that thing on his back–yep–I need to get out more too!

  • wish i could lend a hand, use hotest water with an antibacterial soap and wash it gently,i know i am soo late with this message,but in the future people,use rubbing alcohol and antivacterial soaps,get that **ZIT** outta there. sad .eww i would never let that happen

  • lmao i don’t know which part was grosser him picking his nose and wiping it on himself or him smashing his infected cyst against the wall making it stink up with dead cells flesh lol still fun for me to watch though 🙂 lol oh how twisted my mind is anywho thank you for the post Emilbus20 smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

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