Another Holy Grail Zit Pop Part 2

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  • Every time I watch this, I get so frustrated! Why doesn’t it occur to any of these guys to make the hole a tad bigger?? Coulda been a contenduh! I’ll bet the smell is just awful–it looks like it’s been in there a looong time, eh?

  • Sweetie, it doesn’t look like you have the push to get that big guy’s infection out. I suggest you take two steps back, tell christopher to lean into your fingers press in and up with big scooping motion two thumbs and two forfingers. get under and up with alot of torque. Close your eyes, cause you’re probably gonna get a facefull. I know this is older, if you get a chance to look back, when it comes back (and it will) if no dr. intervention. Try this.

  • lol there is way more in there im happy i seen part two the guy getting popped did his evil laugh again lmao it hit the popper again which was like i have to go wash my arm again…and the one getting pop says muahahaha…lmao thank you for the funny post Emilbus20 smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

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