Huge Back Cyst Pus Action

This one is back in action!! Wow i forgot how good it was!! Enjoy!

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      • I do too. If it weren’t for how bad the adults were around the kid I would have favorited this one. That mom needs to learn not to yell – and tell the rest of her family not to swear in front of that innocent cute child they have who just wanted to help and know what was going on. A wonderful learning opportunity missed ;(

    • Agreed. The way she talked to her kids was terrible. The adults all had foul mouths. And then they wonder why a 2 year-old’s first word is the F-word.

  • That was some incredible cheesy pus action! It was criminal to leave the other huge lump on the left side of his back? I sincerely hope there is a Part 2. And yes, it was disturbing to hear adults using such foul language around children. Overall – one of the better videos I’ve seen in a while.

  • Really great cheese action. But, I would be ashamed at the nasty mouths you all have in front of the child. You guys are so redneck that you probably didn’t even realize that you were using such foul language. It’s such a part of your everyday vocabulary. SO SAD

  • This is awesome. Its even better if you MUTE it. Two things: You shouldn’t talk like that around your kid. Also, when you have needles and other biological materials around, you should learn how to make your kid sit down and shut up. good lord. Do they not have parenting clzites or parenting books in the sticks where these people live? Go to the trailer next door and ask where the library is then. That is zituming of course that you can read!

  • At what it could be in his body that is making this happen. Either:
    1. It is a demon named zit**ZIT**itus
    2. This is what meth looks like when it buils up in your system and needs a way out.
    3. You are showing your children how baby demons (much like themselves) are born.

    Get help. Jesus loves you.

  • I love how these mopes have needles and such out when there’s a small child around, and then the so-called "mother" yells at him for being too close to them. Someone call DCFS.

  • seriously, excellent puss work but, you really shouldn’t be parents. what a bunch of foul mouthed, dismissive zit bags. if you don’t want the kid, give em to me. jesus.

  • who absolutely hates these people and their low clzit language, cussing, yelling at the kids, bossing them around and patronizing them, "OH MY GOD!" "What happened, mommy?" "Nothin." And could they drop the F bomb more than 5 times in one sentence? Good thing he wiped that mullet out of the way; you wouldn’t want to get his hair dirty! Filthy pigs.

  • Forget putting a small hole in there and squeezing forever, you need to cut out about a sq cm of skin and pull the entire sucker out with stem and all! Needle nose pliars would do it. (Sterilize)

  • They are not smart enough to live in a trailer, those are straight project people. Poor kid has to listen to idiots cuss at him. Good thing that they were taught the f-word by their parents or they couldn’t finish a sentence. Great video though. But he needs to f****** leave the f****** thing f****** open so the f****** thing can f****** drain man. Good thing he got "dunn" with it!!

  • It was part of his spine. If you look closer you can see another vertibrae behind it as well.
    And you are so right about how they talk around the kid. That’s so wrong! I half expected the toddler to drop the f-bomb. And ya gotta love the tatoo’s under the guy’s rubber gloves.

  • The little kid–WHY don’t they want to help when they get old enough to actually HELP?!? And why couldn’t she have given him some kind of answer when he (quite naturally) wanted to know what the hollering and videotaping was about? “Nothing,” she said–but at least she didn’t ignore him completely the way some others have done. You know…”Mom. Mommy. Mom. Mama. Mom. Mommy. Mommy…” forEVER, with no response. If they just have to be there for the “surgery,” at least prepare the kids a little, eh? Spoken like the perfect parent I’m NOT. lol P.S. This kid is loved and cared for–you can tell from his enthusiasm for “helping” and his spot-on imitations (cracked me up, too, when he gagged along!). I’ll bet Mom was horrified when she heard herself talking to her child, but he could tell she meant business about staying away from the needles, and she didn’t have to say it again. Ease up a little, hm? If cussing in the room is the worst thing the child lives with, he’s a lucky boy. Reserve some amount of judgement here (besides, cutting the cyst with him there in the first place…well…**ZIT**ody is perfect). ; )

  • This vid distresses me. That poor, sweet child, who is merely curious as any other 4- or 5-year-old would be, who just wants to help Mom and Dad, is treated as nothing but a terrible hinderance to the adults’ goodtime, tattoo-needle-using, cyst-poppin’ fun. We all get short or impatient when our kids are underfoot, but there is clearly some real and very open resentment about this child’s presence – perhaps even his very existence.

    There’s absolutely no excuse for the foulness that spews from these people’s mouths. We can tell this behavior by the parents is not unusual – if it had been, they’d have been too embarr**ZIT**ed to send the tape out. But they clearly saw nothing to be ashamed of, and sent the vid out into the world to be seen by millions.

    I am amazed that the child is apparently untainted by being inundated with the most foul and vulgar language conceivable: all the mf’s and eff this and eff that and GD, and that little 4-year-old boy is still innocent enough to say “Oh, gosh!”. That was so sweetly innocent that it breaks my heart.

    You want to know what child abuse is? It’s not just being hit or starved. It’s also being told in a thousand little unspoken ways that you aren’t loved or wanted, and that your parents maybe even wish you hadn’t been born. I know it’s quite a while since that vid was made, but I just hope that child’s parents do have love for him, and wake up to how they can crushing his spirit by such foulness and open disregard for him. **ZIT** bless that little boy.

  • While the cyst popping was excellent, the woman in these 2 videos (pt. 1 & 2) disgusted me! No wonder kids turn out messed up. All the swearing at the beginning of this video, then her swearing at the kid, bossing him around, and ignoring him when he asked questions. This was complemented by her talking kindly to someone on the phone at the start of the second video, telling them to be safe. Poor kid–ugly mom.

  • yes I remember this vid. too. I hated the language that poor beautiful boy was being exposed to. ( think people ! ) and what a wonderful visual exp. was being screwed up because that hillbilly squeezing did not move his fingers!! I seen a twin mound just a tic or two inside the tape. All in all this one I find to be a waste of time, what a pity.

  • I can hardly watch this video, I cant STAND the way those people cuss in front of that child! “Look at this god-**ZIT**, ziting zit”. Is that REALLY neccessary?

  • This is a great video but I can’t believe how these “adults” talk to this poor little child that was trying to sing to entertain them, the kid even said I sing I sing and was told to “get the **ZIT** away” Poor kid that has to live with these peole, and to think, that is the future of our country, what great role models he/she has ! And that mother totally ignoring the child, I could rant on and on about this, it **ZIT**es me off and then sends the kid for a roll of toiler paper, shut your potty mouth and get to the potty and get your own toilet paper !!!!!

  • I’d love for these parents to come here and see how people from all around the country think of how they treat their child. We surely have all kinds of different backgrounds and beliefs on a myriad of issues, but we are pretty much united in our disgust at the lack of love they appear to have for this child. If the parents could read what outsiders think about the way they address and treat their little boy, maybe it will embarr**ZIT** k or shame them into doing better.

    Children are supposed to come before parents and parents’ own comfort or convenience; before parents’ own pleasure and enjoyment and freedom. Sure, having a child is a bother – they get underfoot, they need taking care of all the time, and sometimes they just won’t shut up. But to them, Mom and Dad are everything in the world. If kids are continually treated as this little boy was treated in a four-minute bit of video, it’s obvious they will believe they are unloved and unwanted by the most important peple in the their lives – and maybe they will think they are so broken or worthless that no one could love them. And as soon as a child is only enough for his mind to start making those kind of connections, that’s when you wind up with one truly messed-up kid, who is messed-up for life.

    Maybe I’ll go to YT, find the original vid and leave a link to here. Who knows, maybe the parents might read this and become so embarr**ZIT**ed and ashamed they start treating the child decently. But then maybe they’re the type who think providing a roof and some food is princely parenting. I just hope the child hasn’t been traded for some Megadeath concert tickets or a big eight of crystal.

  • Thank you Sir. I registered specifically so that I could sound the alarm on the way that sweet child being verbally **ZIT**aulted with profanity shouted and growled. Dear **ZIT** what has become of us as a people??? Whom ever is in control of this site has an obligation (moral and legal) to use whatever information that was used to upload that video to report those animals to the proper authorities in whatever state they reside. I’ll pray for that poor angel every single night for the rest of my days.

  • Bawls is it?? I live in Tallah**ZIT**ee and hail originally from Lake City. (about 100 miles east of here) Trust me when I say that I have in fact seen and heard people behave like this to their children both here, back home, and one more place as well……in the news every single day!! People from all over the country. Thing is this… don’t be ignorant. It’s bad enough that it goes on but don’t make stupid **ZIT**umptions. Sadly, people treat their children badly everywhere.

  • PS I’m leaving this site and taking it upon myself to start with a report with the FBI since I have no idea where these **ZIT**s hail from. I’ll start with the federal government and work my way down.

  • wow thats been around awhile. That is the perfect lump that coulda been greatness ended up being nothing because of the fingers. Yes, couldn’t see the exit due to fingers in the way… i’m **ZIT**med. Nuf said about the mouth. I hated it too.

  • AAAAAAaaaarrrrggghhhhh !!!! A Majestic pop , destroyed by fingers in the way. I fully agree with You ,Mothereruption ! ! Could have been the best. And it was my favouryt Semy-Solid Gunk commin from the dephts to the surface……Damn… !!!!!!
    And BTW ,did ya all notice the Juicy cyst on his LOWER back too ? ? ?
    And indeed verry bad language in front of the Kid. Not a verry good way to raise a Kid eeyhhh ???

  • I wonder if “netsiren” ever did track down the parent(s)/adult(s) in this video? In my experience, much, much worse happens to children in the USA. The language used in the video is shocking, but unless the parent(s)/adult(s) are “cooking drugs” OR exploiting the minor child, the law is being broken–certainly this site is not responsible for the content of this posting. Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong advocate for children, but, reality is reality and it is the way it is.

  • Fuuukin’ Dr. Fuuukin’ GOOBER is Fuuuukin’ bein’ a Fuuuuuukin’ GREAT Fuuuukin’ example Fuuuuulin’ around Fuuuuukin’ the Fuuuuuukin’ kid!!! PLUS……Fuuuuuuukin’ GOOBER Fuuuuuukin’ don’t know Fuuuuuuukin’ what the HELL he’s Fuuuuuukin’ Doin’….!!!!!!

    What a DILDO dysfunctional bunch of inbreds. man!!!!!!!

  • This has been here a while,Jeeze I love this site. JUMBOB, I take my hat off to you, if you’re not a father, you should be. I know several men who advocate children, but few who can but their thoughts so eloquently in words.. salute.. Just so we don’t get off track, love the se**ZIT**, hate the effort put in to the mash and hate the language.

  • This video **ZIT**es me off.

    1. That guy has no idea how to squeeze. Everyone knows yo ugotta get up UNDER it.

    2. That foul-mouthed gutter **ZIT** needs to be slapped for being such a zit to her son. He’s just a little kid, there’s no need to screech “Get the HELL away from the needle!” at him. I hope he grows up & puts her in a crooked nursing home.

  • Love how these people talk to their kids. What losers. Poor little kid, nice mouths around the kid. He’s just being innocent and they are f’ing this and f’ing that. PIGS.

  • JUMBOB Kudos…..perfectly said. NetSiren – Kudos to you as well….these parents are trash. If this video is on mute, great but the problem is we all know what we’re “not hearing.” It’s almost like in real off-computer life where people look the other way. These videos give us a weird satisfaction, but how many have you noticed have tons of alcohol and whatever, and the kids are right in the middle of it. Smoking something, drinking anything, and cussing up a storm. Is there any wonder why kids grow up so quickly?

  • Amen to that one, it’s no wonder kids are getting so messed up today. What selfish “parents”. Yell at the kids and ignore them some more, and one day, maybe you’ll never have to “deal” with them again. Maybe when they never come back to visit or call, you’ll understand just what you have lost.

  • great cyst wasted by a poppper who didnt know how to pop it right, and yes, it is true that this happens alot, and sadly for the kid it’ll probably continue well into his teen years, and then his “mother” will wonder why he wont ever come home and why she cant see her granchild

  • I am so embarr**ZIT**ed to live in the South right now. Please know that we all do not sleep with our sister, live in trailers, do meth, and act that way in front of our kids.
    That was criminal.

  • Korefa said in August 2010, “I am so embarr**ZIT**ed to live in the South right now. Please know that we all do not sleep with our sister, live in trailers, do meth, and act that way in front of our kids.”

    Well Korefa you’re safe from embarr**ZIT**ment form these slobs, because the people in this vid have never been within 500 miles of the South. I hear Midwest in their voices, although other people may think differently. But there’s no way they’re from anywhere near the actual South.

    There is a slight possibility they’re from Lower Florida, which is not the South, and hasn’t been for over 100 years. As anyone from the South knows, “Florida” only extends from the state lines with Georgia and Alabama down to a little below Tallah**ZIT**ee. The remaining 80% of the state, from Jacksonville to Key West, is simply “South New Jersey”. Yes, the entire “leg” of Florida hasn’t been part of the South since about 1900.

    Attracted by the sunny, warm weather and low land prices, Northerners moved to Florida in droves. Starting with Miami in the 20’s they filled in the lower part of the state, steadily moving northwards: Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Ft. Myers, Clearwater, Tampa, Lakeland, Kissimmee, Orlando, Ocala, Daytona Beach, Gainesville. All these areas of Florida have pretty much become “Northern” in ancestry, at**ZIT**ude and culture, even in speech, with the traditional “Florida drawl” replaced by a sound much more familiar to St. Paul than St. Augustine. Now a majority of residents are but 1-3 generations removed from New York, Michigan, Ohio, M**ZIT**achusetts, Wisconsin, Illinois – anywhere the snow stands deep and stays long. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, it’s just that people whose families have lived in the South for 6 generations or more have become a minority in the “leg” of Florida.

    So don’t worry, Korefa: even if these jacklegs in the vid are from, say, Bradenton, they have nothing to do with the actual South.

  • The other lump gets popped in a video called Ron’s cyst (or this one was called Ron’s cyst, or they both were?) This one was up and then after everyone complained the posters took it off of youtube and replaced it with a version that had loud music covering the original audio track. I can’t stand it when people talk like that in front of kids. I just hope the kid isn’t in juvie by now.

  • I watch all these videos with the sound on mute, they are just better that way. This was a pretty good one, but would have been better if the camera person would have gotten all the squeezes in the frame. We missed some really good shots. But like I said it was still pretty good. Wish I could grow one of those things, just so I could pop it. DWS

  • and the award for parent of the year by a white trash couple go’s to………………..

    I think you should leave this F&uking wound open because it’s f&cking going to F&cking heal F&ucking better

  • the last time i watched it i had the volume off and now i see whats happening with the parents my god the way she talked to the kids i thought she was about to break out a wooden spoon….and it kinda reminds me of that family guy episode where stewie keeps saying mommie mama mommie moma mom mom mom…poor kid

  • I’ve called the police to a store where I overheard a mother and grandmother talking to their child that way. No way was I going to let the kid go home with those monsters.

  • Completely awesome find, but sadly, another awesome sebac w/ such potential missed out on due to totally incompetent popper w/ terrible technique. Such a shame! I won’t even waste anyone’s time commenting on the parenting since that topic has been well-covered and I agree whole-heartedly.

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