Stomach Cyst – Great Pus Action

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“grose staph or cyst that archie pops before he plays a show:fire away moses.
oozing goodness of mucousy pus blood and infection.”

RUNTIME: 1min 01sec

TITLE: “oozing erupting cyst zit part 1”
YT INFO: Uploaded by lagavulinx on Dec 6, 2007

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  • but it requires breaking up the loculations. An infection this big can develop membranes or septa that stop parts of it from draining. You can squeeze as hard as you like for as long as you like, and these septa will stop the infection from draining. You need to take a small hemostat, close it, insert it into the infection through the hole you made. See the lines on the skin…those are the targets, only on the inside. Get the hemostat as close as you can manage and OPEN THE HEMOSTAT.

    Oh, this will hurt like a cousinlover. One way to help it to pick up a pack of toothache swabs, the kind that are 20% benzocaine. That’s not a typo, this jazz is 20% benzocaine, and you get the swab wet and apply the medication to the infection from the outside going in. Get numb (but not stone numb, because pain is your final warning that you are going too deep) and break up the membranes. Then squeeze again. Recognize that yu will need to repeat the drainage at least once or twice, but this will help resolve it and if you have a scrip for an antibiotice for pity’s sake refill it and take a course of it.

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