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  • Well, I don’t want to see anyone’s crack. BUT — this was really good. I had a similar pilonidal abscess about 23 years ago. Surgery was thought to be likely, but the doctor agreed to treat it with anti-biotics and me taking hot baths. It never recurred, so I never had the surgery. But it WAS the worst, most intense pain of my life because the abscess was so large, it was pressing on the base of my spine. I thought I was gonna die. After my second hot bath, the thing busted loose and man — what a relief. And yeah — it did stink. The whole apartment smelled like **ZIT** and spoiled cat food for days. LOL

    • That was hilarious and vivid commentary. That last sentence cracked my **ZIT** up. No pun intended. Glad yours never returned. My husband suffered with them, trying antibiotics and baths and special chair cushions. His never stopped recurring until he had the surgery. Fortunately, he didn’t end up with the open wound. They were able to sew his up.
      I’ve never had one, but I could hear him in the tub moaning with his. since he is so stoic about pain, I can only imagine that these are some Spanish Inquisition-style pain pustules.

  • Emilbus, you’re the best! That was worth watching, great pus. It looked like it needed pressing from the right side because there appeared to be pus left under the skin there. He sounded like it was very painful. He should have tried DirectrM’s hot bath treatment.

  • My husband works as a nurse in the OR and he is always talking about these **ZIT** abscesses-I’m so glad I finally got to experience one myself. I have been watching this sight for over a year now and I just signed on-I feel I know you all because I’ve been reading your post and laughing with you for so long.

  • wow, that poor guy! Pilonidal cysts are supposed to be really painful. He’s lucky it’s draining, when they don’t drain the infection tunnels. I hope he went to an MD. I also hope he cleaned the bathroom counter with bleach.

  • Nice **ZIT**, where you from? Seriously though that looks like it hurts like **ZIT**. And ya it could’ve been popped some more. I think we might be in store for some more.

  • two years ago, my husband had a huge boil in the **ZIT**e between his **ZIT** & his **ZIT**. guess who got to squeeze it? and yes, it did smell like **ZIT** & old cat food! lol!

  • I was admiring his nice **ZIT** and thinking he needed a nice lady with a gentle touch to stop by and minister to his needs…then I turned the sound up. Very limited vocabulary. I guess his **ZIT** isn’t that cute after all…..

  • I was admiring his nice **ZIT** and thinking he needed a nice lady with a gentle touch to stop by and minister to his needs…then I turned the sound up. Very limited vocabulary. I guess his **ZIT** isn’t that cute after all…..

  • I was admiring his nice **ZIT** and thinking he needed a nice lady with a gentle touch to stop by and minister to his needs…then I turned the sound up. Very limited vocabulary. I guess his **ZIT** isn’t that cute after all…..

  • Yelling F— Y– didn’t help. His cyst didn’t understand–LOL. I am sure that he was in such great pain. He is very lucky that he was able to lance it. I hope he follows up with an MD appointment so that the core is taken out and he can be put on antibotics. I hope you are felling better.

  • Well I could give a **ZIT** about his **ZIT**, but that was one **ZIT** of an infection. It must have hurt like **ZIT**. Hope he scrubs that counter and sees a Doc.

  • I have personally squeezed a plidonal sinus just like that one. At first it was very similar to this one, after it had been popped it sort of dissapeared for a few months then came back an inch above the original hole and swelled right up, we popped it again and this time loads of pus and blood came out and it closed up leaving another hole scar, it happened again and my husband saw a doctor and got antibiotics and after it’d drained and been smothered with disinfectant it went again leaving a tiny little scar again. Months later it came back only it started under the 1st scar and got to the size of a tennis ball, it was agony for him I tried squeezing but only clear discharge oozed out the previous holes. Went back to the doctor got more antibiotics and emergency operation booked for a few days later, this thing got bigger during the wait and 2 days before surgery it blew, the smell was like nothing Ive ever smelt the pus was in solid lumps of brown in green slime and the pain was too bad to go squeezing we just kept putting loo roll on then off, we must have had a litre of festering dead flesh come out, he had an operation the next day, the surgeon said it was one of the worst sinus he’d seen and had to remove a lot of tissue as it was so damaged, it then had to be packed daily to heal, hubby was sedated for over a week and on mophine for 2. He is badly scarred at the base of his spine. Disturbingly we were told he’d been very, very lucky as if the sinus had burst inside his body the poision that came out would have gone straight to his bloodstream and probably killed him.
    So guys, seriously if you’ve got something like that go to the doctor if it happens more than once.
    And it most definatley, positively, 100% have absolutely nothing to do with **ZIT** fu**ing!
    Phew that ends my essay about pildonal sinus. Check your **ZIT** and if worried go to the doc n tell them Em sent ya!!

  • WHY would youtube take such videos down… There is much worse that is on youtube… besdies, how would an old zit be in violation of any of the youtube rules? lol

  • no zit you is right being a rare female that has one that reoccurs like once amonth it is horrid. mine is so scared up for having it drained my doc does even want to do it any more. and the surgery to have it removed has like a 2 year total healing time and 6 months out and not recommed

  • Well, first off that’s a chick’s **ZIT**. Second, I hate to scare the person, but
    that looks a lot like bone cancer. It usually forms an abcess at the tailbone and then busts above the crack. By then the end of the bone is swimming in pus and it’s godawful painful and rotten smelly, like rotten **ZIT**, **ZIT**, and corpse. It’s also deadly. That person needs to see a doc now, this second.
    The guy didn’t know how to drain it either. He should have gotten a large
    pair of pliers and got behind the swelling and squeezed gently. He’d have
    got most of it, but a thing like that has to be cut out and cleaned.

    I once had a sore spot right NEXT to my zithole. I was surprised as **ZIT** because it sprang up overnight literally, and within two days I couldn’t stand the pain. Finally I put on a pair of latex gloves, reached down there and touched it. I almost p**ZIT**ed out from the pain of just touching the **ZIT**ed thing! It was huge and swollen. Gritting my teeth and steeling myself for it,
    I grabbed deep behind the sucker. It felt like a golf ball under the skin, and
    my zithole screamed at me in agony. But I was determined to get rid of that monster. So I gripped it tight and sqeezed hard. That **ZIT** thing busted like
    a bag of rotten tomatoes. It sounded like a large twig snapping. The pus shot into my hand like a geyser, dripping onto the bathroom floor in huge stinking splats. It was riddled with streaks of blood. I let out a scream like a cat in
    a blender. I was staggering from the pain, but managed to wash my hand
    off and go after it again. I almost puked at what I saw in my hand, and the **ZIT**ed smell of it! ARRRGH! But I had to squeeze it twice more to empty
    the ugly thing, and each time it was just as big a mess. But on the very last squeeze it quit as it something were blocking the hole. I cleaned up the mess, washed my hand, then went after it one last time. I squeezed that sucker
    for all I was worth, and I was groaning like a dying man from the agony. But
    I didn’t quit and suddenly I heard another loud SNAP! A HUGE dark core shot out into the palm of my hand. It was the size of a frigging grape! After that
    all **ZIT** broke loose and another load of **ZIT** followed. Finally I got pure blood and bandaged it. It drained for a week and I couldn’t walk for three days. If
    I had waited there’s no telling what would have happened. It was plenty bad enough as it was…

      • There are some EXTREMELY STUPID idiots that think if when you wipe if some of the – hope this is delicate enough – “brown” substance up past the peri**ZIT** area you “clog” the pores of the skin creating one of these monsters. Someone had shamed my poor ex-sister-in-law – NO ONE should suffer that badly even if they are Manson – so badly badly I drug her immediately to the ER and held her hand while they ministered to her as gently as they could. The smell was horrific “**ZIT**” she had mercy and relief. I personally made sure her saw the best surgeon in town – THANK GOD they had good insurance – that was my surgeon for something different. This is the 21th century and they now CAN fix you up just like “The Bionic Woman” or “The Six Million Dollar Man”. The doc did a major clean up with NO s**ZIT**ches – “sugerglued” – and a 6 week recovery. “Don’t delay – have yours TODAY <3

    • @plierswillbus**ZIT**, I have no idea if you still visit this site, but I must tell you that that was the BEST STORY EVER (ok sjhamn wrote it first, but I had to repeat it). If PTZ is zit **ZIT**, then your story was the PTZ equivalent of a Penthouse Forum Letter. Priceless!

    • I am sorry to say but I am a doctor and there is no way the it could be bone cancer. It appears to be a Pilonidal cyst. My daughter had one when she was 9 and it came back twice before we had to have it removed. It is a painful process that can take weeks or even years to heal. Also if the procedure is not done correctly it can come back.

    • yes, little late on reading these comments, love this story pliers!! i feel really bad you had to do that, great discription tho!! and i to loved the cat in the blender discription, dont know if i can ever look at grapes the same way again tho! lol

    • plierswillbus**ZIT** – THANK YOU for a moment of levity in a perfectly **ZIT**py Monday. We PTZers are sick SOBs “**ZIT**” we understand each other very well and get lifted up by what Juicy Pop called “… zit **ZIT** … PTZ equivalent of a Penthouse Forum Letter. Priceless!””

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  • plierswillbus**ZIT**:
    What the **ZIT** are you talking about? This is a guy…listen to the audio.
    I originally posted it from youtube….it’s a guy…if you can’t tell by looking at that **ZIT**, then you may need to get some more action πŸ™‚

  • plierswillbus**ZIT**–I enjoyed your dialogue more than the video–very descriptive writing–I agree it is a male **ZIT**, the pain must have been immense–but your description written on 2-21-09 was the best ever. Thank you for sharing.

  • Checked this out because of post on May 14th, 2009: “Slime and ooze”

    This is killer. Great money shot at start of video. Lots of “give” and I love how **ZIT**ed off the guy is at the cyst by the end! He sounds like he has been at war with the thing.

    Great stuff.

  • I loved both of the stories above. I have met many people who have said the same thing about the smell of **ZIT**. but not having any experience in this area,thank goodness, I don’t quite get the old cat food thing…. but I’ll take your word for it….

  • Plierswillbus**ZIT**, Your use of figurative language, especially your descriptive similies was very entertaining. I had to keep reminding myself that I was laughing at someone’s pain!

  • OMG memories! I had something like that (first and only time) and had to have surgery on it. It hurt like crazy! I couldn’t even sit. There is still a knot under my skin where it used to be 11 years later. I think people can just skin that is **ZIT**e to these type of things. I bathed fanatically (like twice a day) and still got it.

  • ewwww, greenemerald’s description of her husband’s ordeal may never leave me! god, i hope to never experience this…

    this is one of those vids that remind me to never look benignly upon any surface i may encounter — even the cleanest looking bathroom counter may have been the support for infected **ZIT** parts…

    hand sanitizer, anyone?

      • CLOROX…I am the CLOROX QUEEN, that stuff kills everything. Just pour it on, leave it overnight and I can promise you every germ is gone!! It’ll smell like clorox for a few days but oh well. LOL

  • Sharing is caring!! I hope he went to the doctor for this. After watching a few videos from this website, I DO NOT EVER WANT TO SHAKE HANDS WITH PEOPLE EVER AGAIN!!!!

  • plierswillbus**ZIT**

    I loved your story and the way you related it to us but maybe you used too many technical terms.

    Looks more like a pilonidal cyst than cancer. The skin looks too healthy to be cancer but we all know you cant diagnose cancer from a video you see online. Hopefully this is all healed by now. I had two operations before my silly cyst finally went away. While it was indeed very pretty, especially when it was healing from the inside out,,, the pain was intense I couldn’t stand it.
    After a month or so of three sitz baths a day along with three or more dressing changes, it healed completely and has never come back.

  • @plierswillbus**ZIT**… I know men’s **ZIT**s, and that, my friend, is a man’s **ZIT**. Taking that simple medical fact into consideration, I really don’t think anyone should take your claim of “bone cancer” seriously.

  • Oh, and I meant to ask – what about this vid is unsuitable for under 18’s? I’m sure they’ve all seen **ZIT**s before, and there is absolutely nothing **ZIT**ual about the video. Possibly the language could explain it, but I’ve heard plenty of strong language in other vids on this site without an age warning.

  • @mtfune: I laughed when i ready your comment about shaking hands w/ ppl and then I thought, what about all those seemingly innocent couples, families, or groups that just shove their camera in your face and say “would you mind taking a picture of us?” Then, if it’s a lg. group several more may say ‘yeah, take on w/ my camera too.” What has been popped on those babies or dirty, **ZIT**ie, **ZIT**e infection-laden fingers/hands have been all over that. I shutter (pun intended) to think.

  • ok, after reading all these comments i believe i will be going out with rubber gloves from now on, and keeping a box in my car!!

    diamondgirl828, i am so right there with you, i have the clorox spray cleaner in both bathrooms and kitchen, it is always used at my house!!!

  • Is it a boil or a pilanoid cyst? Definitely keep it under a huge bandage so it doesn’t leak onto clothing during the day. It’s a ‘go to the doctor’ moment.

  • Wow! Take it from me, I had a pilonidal cyst in the exact same spot, and it hurt like heck to even touch let alone drain. I drained it and it came back, so I went to the dr. They drained 250ml. of fluid from it and sent me to the surgeon who removed it, no more painful pilonidal.

  • I can really feel for this guy’s anguish and pain. I had one of these in the early seventies, and despite the fact I was a paraplegic by then, I felt PAIN. I tried to doctor the sucker by my lonesome, however it just kept getting bigger. After heading to the emergency dept. of the hospital, they found out it was a staff infection. I was shuffled off to an isolation ward for two weeks. I can still describe in detail, the picture of a German shepherd sitting in front of a fire on the wall across from me. Not much better then ‘poker playing dogs’ . All visitors had to wear a mask and gown! All did heal in a timely fashion, and I have not been troubled since. I hope this poor guy didn’t have to experience too drastic a method in order to be rid of this horrible thing.l. However, you do what you have to do. No choice. Thanks Emilbus 20. And keep on poppin’ people.
    Caio Prunesquallor

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