Oooo(zing) it hurts!

This appears to be 1) new and 2) genuine. I felt badly for the young female being drained. The part of your back closest to your tailbone can be the most sensitive nerves and the least able to be numbed effectively for surgical procedures or things like tattoos.

Please post if you can. I think it is a bit more ‘adult’ in nature since it is the area of the tailbone and bottom cheeks, but the surgical drape and nurses make it feel clinical instead of abrasively naked.

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  • Whiny gal… Should have washed her **ZIT**crack better… I have been operated on the very same spot before, and yes it sucks but there is way worse. I am happy that my **ZIT** doesn’t look like that… Looked like a dudes **ZIT**.

  • I actually thought this is one of the more interesting ones. I really like watching professionals take care of things. People feel pain differently and age really makes a difference.
    As far as negative comments on this sight. I think it is a “downer” when ANY negative things are posted… even toward the person in the vids. Just my opinion.

  • It’s nothing negative… I just don’t like whiny people. I know that we all experience pain differently but that’s just how I feel. Not sure if I can watch this as a medical procedure, because it is not a surgery or something super cool…. I find it more amusing how they have to stuff the gauze down the crack… That’s just me.

  • This is a good post–good fine and encouraging remarks will help us secure newer posts. It is good to see a professional work on an infected area–the DIY advocates can learn observer and learn better techniques.
    Personally, I have a high tolerance for pain and prefer the pain to the numbing agent — however having said that when I had breast reduction surgery I was begging for pain pills.

  • I don’t think her **ZIT**crack was dirty — I would guess they swabbed it with Betadine before lancing the cyst, which would account for the brownish tint. Any medical folks wanna weigh in?

  • YIKES! That thing must have hurt terribly. As for the rude remarks from squeezeit, that’s Betadine. Such abscesses are not caused by lack of hygiene and are virtually impossible to prevent. “Butt cracks” are cl**ZIT**ic areas for ingrown hair abscesses.

    Man, I just hope they used a ton of 4×4’s or paper towels to build a mini-Hoover Dam to keep all that putrescence from draining into places you really, really don’t want it to go.

  • Poor thing! I bet she felt one hundred times better after this (and some antibiotics). I can only imagine how bad that hurt. If I even get so much as an itch in that area I go nuts it’s so sensitive!

    Jumbob: I think putrescence is the only word one can use to describe what came out of there. Good one!

  • Yeah, I’m gonna go with different pain for different people. My mom has a tattoo in that area and she said it was so painful she almost wanted to leave it unfinished. She has 9 other tattoos, some of them large and/or shaded, plus she’s gone through childbirth twice. She said NOTHING compared to the pain there.

    Plus, betadine. Gosh, how long have people got to be on this site before they figure that out? These people are posting potentially embarr**ZIT**ing videos just so we can Oooh and Aaah at them and all you can do is criticise their bodies/hygiene/pain tolerance?

    That aside, I’m glad the girl is okay now. Great vid!

  • @ squeezeit> Hey, don’t underestimate how painful a pilonidal cyst can be. I’ve been shot before, burned, beaten, had compound fractures, and cut to the bone . . . and my pilonidal cyst was worse than all of those. It was pain beyond the world. I was completely unable to conceptualize just how much it would hurt before hand, and I’m completely unable to express just how much it hurt after. But, trust me, it was horrible.

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