Another Surgical Procedure in the nose

Hoping this is not a repost but I found the video quite interesting. What they pull out of this kids nose is quite impresive. Best part is around 4:26

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  • Thanks for the post, i went to YouTube and checked out his post they are amazing! How the body stores that stuff i have no idea but i love watching it!

  • There a other video of Fungal in human Sinus on some victim on bottom of this video on the 2nd line of different videos..

    I think it better than this one posted..

    A mushroom garden growing up someones nose.. nasty

  • Um… that wasn’t snot that was pulled out of the nose. It was the capsule of the cyst that was pulled out at the end. If you listen to him describe what is going on you know that the sparkly stuff that is draining after he pops the cyst open with those forceps is the inside contents of the cyst, the cholesterol. I think calma understands.

    and mc79 I agree with the fungus contents in the noses. There are a couple to watch on YouTube and some more out in the internet zone… I just wish they could pull fungus out in one big ball instead of just little pieces.

  • wow, you are absolutely the most irritating person i have seen on a forum… EVER. you insult people constantly. you are rude, period. maybe you should keep your comments to yourself for a change. theses people aren’t stupid, and I like them, and I sincerely suggest not being such a dweeb, and saying people don’t get it, if they don’t they don’t, they aren’t idiots, and who cares if they call it snot. sounds like you are the snot.

  • Anyone else had the urge to sneeze while watching this vid as well? 🙂
    All in all, a nice find. Thanks for posting!

    @Kmhoffman3188: It’s a lost cause.

  • Wow, I’m not usually a big fan of surgeries (more a straight up poppin’ luvr) but the nose ones are pretty **ZIT** cool. I loved the removal of the cyst sac, it just kept on comin’ and looked like a deflated balloon!!

  • creamymatter, this was a great video! My first time seeing this one. Thanks to whomever brought it into top rated videos!! You just know the patient has to feel so very much better!

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