Ear zit squirts all over the mirror

Yo babe… hey babe.. babe. babe.. lol great pus!

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  • Absolutely wonderful. Finally, a zit with some significant gunk in it and a cameraman who didn’t shake and could focus. I like that they took time with it, but a little less drama from the girl would have been better. Take the earring out and squeeze it, from the sides AND the top and bottom. There’s going to be more in this thing, so hopefully we’ll see a video 2. 🙂

  • I hope these two don’t procreate. That child would be so stupid. Those two are so into themselves. Video could have been 2/3 shorter without all the “digalogue.”

  • Great Shooter ! ! All the ,,EarZits,, are good shooters I noticed.
    She should have took that Ear jewelry out first, ….for a better squeeze I think. A little less Talking ,and A little more Action at once would be Better, just 1-BIG Squeeze instead of al the little ones !!!
    But for the rest a Good Vid !!! Thankzz to the Poster

  • Like I said in the Shout Box – that was wicked cool, but I am sooooo jealous. But it had all the elements of a top rated zit vid. Good camera work (focused, steady, only occasional glimpses of her face and mirror but never during the squeeze), fantastic placement in the bathroom in front of a large mirror, more than one money shot, no occluding fingers, excellent squeezemanship… It is a vid I would use if I were training a group on how to film the ideal zit-popping video.

    Can’t thank you enuf, evilmum! What a cool morning! ~ HS

  • Totally great. An epic zit vid!!
    Almost an “All-Time Great”.

    I loved the slow build and their enthusiasm was infectious. Kudos to the guy for the solid, “nerves of steel” the camera work.

    But I have to say that near the end I was wishing for:

    *Earring removal.
    *Less wiping
    *At least one HARD squeeze.

    Killer stuff though.

    • It’s nice to have someone that is “Pus Filled”, but just as important is great camera work and this dude knew just what we wanted to see.
      Your “wish list” is spot on also!

  • Beignet – “…a little less drama from the girl would have been better. Take the earring out and squeeze it.”

    My sentiment exactly. This could have been a 5. I had to watch with sound off.

  • that was the most fabulous zit, it has so much more to give,hope she simply cracks it open if she chooses to post again.. I watch most vids w/sound off, simply because I’ve heard omg and gross,screams,f–k all the basic zit obliteration lines I care to hear. Break it open guys and gals and let the good times flow!

  • I also watch without sound. Did she comment on it being painful? That would explain the cautious squeezes.

    I can hear my sainted mother now…”OK, if you’re finished squeezing, wash your hands GOOD.”

  • I’ve had that ear infection before from a home piercing (sorry no video). It hurts like a **ZIT** so a little praise for her going thru w/ such good humor please. It was still interesting.

  • Excellent posting–it this video was so needed. No critical comments, just awe of how quickly the couple stayed relatively calm, reflecting back on what they had previously viewed on YouTube–wonder camera work–great posting. Thank you for the combined efforts.

  • I thought that was a darling couple. Loved it when he said “My mouth just watered”. Wish my DH would have this hobby with me. I chase him all over the house when he has the tiniest cyst.

    • Me and my hubby too. Either those two just are nuts about each other and are married or they are having an affair ( hotel…) the **ZIT** is the kicker…and he is super hottttttt she is cute.

      Then of course the zit, ahhhhhh those BTEs are always soooooo great!

  • I have watched this video at least 20 times–why? Because I had a zit in the same place–and my ear lobes are beefy, fat, and the zit was deep and squirted in the same manner. I am confused as to the one still shot–did the pus shoot out on the mirror? And yes, squeezing the zit was very painful. The sound of the erupting toxic waste was music to my ear. Thank you for the posting.

  • “Do you see this? It’s WRONG!”
    Come on folks, I love that couple! They have an award winning zit on their hands and they are having fun with it. One of the best video on this site in a long time!

  • I’m with Rosy, I LOVE this couple!!

    As for bogey1, (what’s with swiping my original name anyway?) if these two have kids, I bet they’ll be happy and fun-loving with a great sense of humor!

  • that was great a five star video if ever there was one
    it only really has one flaw, its not empty yet, there is a lot more pus and blood in there.
    they need the sequel to show us the finish.

  • I do enjoy re-watching this video–something about the casual nature of acceptance when the zit pops on the mirror. That had to hurt and getting rid of the lump had to give the young lady some relief.

  • Did anyone else notice that these spoiled rich zites are making a huge disgusting bio-waste mess in a HOTEL that they are probably going to leave for housekeeping?

  • Yeah, I’ve had ear, nose and lip infections caused by piercings, and they hurt like a zit. If that had anything to do with an ear piercing, I applaud her for touching that lump at all.

  • I watched it again with the sound on and they’re both so frigging obnoxious, every other word is vulgar, her nails are fake, she’s bone ugly and he is NOT hot at all! YUCKY people. BUT, I did like the ear zit. I think they’re both VERY high when they did this vid.

  • Blast from the past! great zit.
    But the couple!! Babe, Babe, Really! Really! Really! ,,,,they were so into themselves, she was upset when he wouldnt feel the zit. and when he said “don’t get the blood on my t-shirt”
    still a good shot.

  • Looks like I wasn’t the only one that wanted to smack the girl and tell her to squeeze. Better yet, let me knock her out and I’ll squeeze it myself! Nice zit, awesome pops but would’ve been better had they both shut their obnoxious mouths….

  • Thanks so much evilmummyofdoom!
    I loved all of it. Loved it, loved it, loved it!
    I thought the couple was cute together, very entertaining and plenty of pus. Maybe another vid will show up because there was surely more to come. I need to comb the archives.

  • for those of you who do not like the couple, I do understand BUT — If they were different people, we would not have been blessed with vid and it is a very special one. I wish my husband am I could get on the same page like they do

  • Between his montone, droning voice and her playing with the thing and not giving it a complete squeeze, I wanted to kick the monitor. And how about taking the studs out of the ear before you start messing around there? They deserve each other.

  • Instant fav! Real treasure, thanks evilmummyofdoom…..Both must have been SAG card carrying…put on a great show and entertained us all….no script needed, just improvise! Bravo Zulu to all!!!!!

  • I saw this on YouTube before I found y’all. I thought this couple sounded fun, and would’ve liked to have been around for this little giggly time. I give it 5 stars!

  • This is one of my all time favorite videos. Especially for a BTE clip. I think their personalities are awesome. Who cares if she is taking awhile to pop it? Makes the show and suspense last that much longer. I love how he’s into it and loving it and how he’s encouraging her. Hell he tells her to make it better by puking. (not that it would but you catch my drift) Point is, they were having fun, not being all serious and showing that young couples can do some down and dirty nasty zit and still get their kicks. I say pop on with your bad selves. This is one couple who will most likely be having many conversations in their future from toilet seats or behind video cameras while the other is poppin pimples. For better or worse right?

  • Forgive me for this, but I thought She was kinda hot ! But You are all so right;
    a lot less talking, and a lot more squeezing, PLEASE ! ! ! 🙂
    It was a great post though !

  • For once I DID read all the posts before I posted (usually dont and regret not doing so after) but honestly the whole time I watched the vid I was thinking all the same things everyone else was , i watched before reading just didnt post before reading. I hate to sound like a broken record but I was screaming at my monitor “barely squeeze, giggle, giggle, look at ourselves in mirror, giggle some more, then look at one drop, giggle giggle, tiny squeeze, giggle giggle”…etc etc, you get the message. Oh and I forgot shake the camera as much as possible thrown in.They reminded me of a 12 yr old popping his first pimple. This COULD have been G R E A T !! It was an awsome cyst and the pop would have really made my day if done right. This **ZIT**s me out…LOL. One more thing, even though Iv already said way too much….take the earring off before squeezing these things. It helps a lot with getting a good grip. Im done ranting now…..sorry folks.

  • hahaha the funniest part was when her boyfriend said it was making his mouth water…haha it was totally turning homeboy on…and the shirt part was funny as **ZIT** to babe don’t get blood on my shirt…**ZIT** he should have told her to take the shirt off she would have still had a bra on lol

  • These two crack me up. But they went to all the effort of capturing the pop and positioning the cam etc… but WHY NOT REMOVE THE EARRING!!?? Surely that plus super long nails doesnt make for a good squeeze.
    High five to her for not squeezing it sooner, i’d have been on it straight away.

    • Silly girl had to keep her bling earrring. Her acrylic nails was also a vital part of the shoot. They milked the situation perfectually. She is enuff of an airhead to make her endearing. He is joe cool. Mary understands we would have trouble leaving a growing **ZIT**p alone once it reached critical m**ZIT**. It is like bad weather. This storm grew to an F2 on the Fujita Intensity Scale. Some danger but way more entertaining than dangerous.

  • Nice! I wished the camera guy would have held still a little more and she should have removed the earring….eeeewwww…….and quit hyper wiping!! Just saying…..all said and done tho it was a pretty cool zit! Booyah!

  • Attractive woman has not so attractive gushy ear zit. Her boyfriend directs her through the shoot. She not so lady-like squirts the mirror. He is dumbfounded. You can see him considering her devalued gene contribution but he also thinks it is cool. She gags and tries to vomit. Incredible find. Wonderful video. Had to watch it twice back to back.

  • I love BTE’s & this was so close to being perfect. Like most other PTZ members, I don’t understand why she left the earring in-she would have got a much better grip to give it a good hard squeeze. Still one of my fav’s though! And the YT **ZIT**le was ‘You WISH you had a zit like this behind your ear!!’-my answer YES!!!!

  • The comments section says a whole lot about the type of people who love to watch zit popping vids. Everyone has an opinion, and thats a good thing. Constructive criticism is a good thing. These two seemed to be living a life style that got on a lot of people’s nerves. No matter what we think of the couple, they had the **ZIT** to post their video for all our enjoyment. Let’s not forget the reason we visit this site with such regularity. I’m sure we all have something annoying to offer too. Sounds to me like they were newbies who weren’t quite sure how to go about it. Give them a hand for posting an intimate moment in their lives. And pop on people.
    Caio Prunesquallor

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