The Eruption of Mount Saint Ally (Stomach)

I searched!!!! Didn’t see this one up, unless it under another name…

but anyway, nice ands oozy for ya’s 🙂 bwa ha ha ha!


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  • PPM…you are really working my nerves, you know that? Everyone else just leaves it alone, but not you. Hell, if I have seen a vid before I just p**ZIT** it up. What is your problem? It seems like every other month you go into this mode where you just have to snap at everyone. If anyone should be upset about it, it should be Emilbus. Get over yourself.

  • don’t read my comments miss priss… how appropriate is that name? and read what squeezeit said below you… gonna get onto her for saying it, too?

  • PPM, it is more an issue of how rude, bombastic, and needy (of being right; of having the final word) you are. Factually, yes, it is a repost. Excuse me while I have a meltdown at the very thought.

    Oh my. A repost. However will I get through the day? The planet threatens to fall off its axis. Oh, oh.

  • Actually where is this reposted? I cant find it? That uncategorized was from today duh!! lol. I actually added a stomach zit category. Still can’t find this but i do remember seeing it. How could you forget hehe!

  • I love this one you can repost it all you want…. and if you dont like it…dont watch….stay on youtube and whine to them…
    This site has been awesome and the comments are wonderful…enjoy and dont waste time pointing out the flaws…lifes to short!

  • I was wondering when the Peanut Gallery would speak up…*eye roll* Thanks Miss Priss, eLjay, and Emil 🙂 Like I said, I did search….it’s not my work duty to scour every inch of the site…BFD! 🙂

  • Well I thought it was a repost as did squeezeit… why isn’t everyone on her case? I apologize Ethni…Kitten… I guess I watched it a lot on YouTube and thought surely it was here. I haven’t found it on here either. Please forgive me. As for you eljay…even YOU said it was a repost… so you are wrong, too! nyah… apologize to kitten… sheesh

  • you know what PPM, i seldom comment, but you really should MYOB. it is not your site, so why do you get in a tizzy over reposts.

    you need to get a life, instead of being oh-so-proud that you know the word zit in multiple languages, are one of the older members here and carrying on about your rights as an original member; its laughable. its a **ZIT** zit popping site not the “huffington post” for god’s sake. get over yourself!
    (no offence to you emilbus, its a fun site.)

    i mean really, that is a rather pathetic thing to be bragging about.

    tell me something, do you ever pick up a newspaper or read a book? or is this all you do?

    why don’t you just leave other members alone.

    christine s.

  • ok she may be fat but shes not a slob. looks like she takes care of herself really well. leave your demeaning, derogatory comments in your brain where they should stay, instead of you getting a case of verbal diarrhea. and yes its a repost but it might be new to someone who hasnt seen it before and is new to our site. if you dont like reposts, then click on another video. problem solved. this is supposed to be a fun site, not an episode of one life to live. jeez get over it already!

  • ppm leave me out of it! It was posted before, but who cares… I like that one and actually was hoping for her to make another one. I don’t really mind watching some of them twice or even more times.
    I am not the repost Nazi….

  • NAG 1 |nag|
    verb ( nagged , nagging )
    -annoy or irritate (a person) with persistent fault-finding or continuous urging: “she’s constantly nagging me” har**ZIT**, badger, give someone a hard time, hound, harry, criticize, carp, find fault with, keep on at, grumble at, go on at; henpeck; h**ZIT**le, get on someone’s case, ride.

    PPM, dear, no ones likes a nag.

  • yes its a repost but why must we be so cruel to eachother or to this girl. I wonder could we say this if we were to meet face to face. I thank you E-kitten for your effort. Miss Alley, i hope you’re better now. Emil sent this woman a message on google, said she was a hero on this site. After comments like you pimp.boy I wonder if she even cares.

  • You know, I don’t usually mind if someone reposts a really old video, but it’s annoying when a recent video is reposted. This one was just posted a month or so ago. When I get the email notification saying that there’s a new post, I’m excited to come to the site and check it out. It sucks to get here and find out that it was just posted a little while back.

  • I’m not going to harp on this, but I just went and found the original post in about 10 seconds. The original was “This looks painful” posted by evilmummyofdoom on Wednesday, May 20, 2009. It’s only been a month.

  • Excactly !! Your right Snapcrack. I do think the same thing about the Reposts ,but withdrawed from comment because it all blew out of proportions. And I thought like: The less people involved, the sooner it will blow over.

  • Deary me. Yes, it’s a repost. Yes, a quick search would have found it. But for crying out aloud, who do you people think you are? Senators? Government officials? Members of some secret information agency where crucial intel is salivated over, and repe**ZIT**ion of a certain bit of info would waste millions of taxpayer dollars and the heads of big-wigs would roll as a result? It’s a site about popping zits. If the most excitement some of you get is getting an email about a new zit being popped, do yourselves a favour: Go outside, ride a bike, read a book, or get a job. Geez… Perspective, people, perspective…

  • You know… I come to this site maybe once a day. I work 8 hours a day, have a total of an hour commute to and from work, I battle with fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, and some other conditions. When I get home I spend time with my husband and my two dogs, going to bed at nine because I need more sleep than regular people because of my health conditions. I do not spend all my time on here! Just like another person said… I think maybe snap…. when I get an email notification, I get excited to see what is here. When it is a repost I am let down. If YOU all would do your research, then I wouldn’t be “nagging.” Sheesh people… if you are en**ZIT**led to your opinion about me… why am I not en**ZIT**led to my opinions about reposts?

  • ppm, u are en**ZIT**led to your opinion, but in most cases, a lot of people would prefer you keep it to yourself! u get downright nasty sometimes. and noone needed to know about your medical conditions, darlin. i suffer from diabetes, complications from diabetes which include proteinuria, in which my kidneys leak protein into my urine, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, degenerative joint disease, post traumatic stress disorder among a mul**ZIT**ude of others and you dont see me complaining! suffice it to say, that im not saying that youre a bad person, like some other people may think, im just saying that rude nasty comments and continuous complaints about reposts are not necessary! thats it. hope everyone has a great day!

  • PPM, **ZIT**ody would comment about you, if you would just leave it alone and quit “nagging”.

    so what, if a few don’t do research, its not like there is repost after repost here on a daily basis. perhaps some don’t have as much time as you seem to, for going through the archives to know if it is a repost or not.
    FYI, it is not your place to “nag” about it, who made you boss?

    i get email notifications too, but its not like i jump right over here to catch up and when i do, if its a repost, i could really care less, i am far from let down or disappointed.

    also, was it really necessary to play the pity card and drag your illnesses into the discussion.
    what? is that supposed excuse your bad behaviour toward another member for making the earth-shattering mistake of reposting?

    why don’t you try being nice and stop your constant bi*ching about the way things are run around here.

    like i said before this is a fun website, not a serious news media blog or something dealing with the state of world affairs.

    get a grip and lighten up.

    christine s.

  • It is so sad that you “snap” and get disappointed by pimple videos. It really, really is. You have got to find something more fulfilling in your life, this is fun and obviously we all enjoy these videos but if you are losing your cool over something like this then you need to consider finding new ways to channel your energies, maybe even see a therapist. Being so invested that you “snap” and get let down by something so small suggests to me that you are not maybe in the best of places mentally. This isn’t a “get a life” comment or meant to be demeaning, I’m just saying that you perhaps need to get some perspective on the matter and maybe think about why you get so upset over something that is tremendously insignificant. I suspect that this is probably not the only area of your life you do this with, but I hope it is.

  • 1. I hope this isn’t MRSA you’re dealing with here (because you’re letting it driiiiiip onto your pants, your waste, wiping it with a towel and hands without washing!!
    2. I hope you take a break from the tight jeans…which probably caused this BOIL!
    3. Maybe it’s your body letting off extra fat cells!

  • Ally,
    I hope this is cleared up! The skin around it looks so hot and pained. There’s a point where your hands off the wound and there’s still the depressions of your fingertips. Not good!
    I am thinking cellulitis…
    Let us know how you are doing…

  • and 4 no person with a consciousness would be throwing insults @ this young woman because she is overweight. Alley, I apologize for some of the things that were said, you are sharing and don’t deserve to be insulted. I hope your infection is better, please let us know, it does look serious.

  • GOOD LORD, honey!!! That thing looks terribly angry and painful!!! The inflammation alone would have to feel EXTREMELY delicate to the touch!! Hope that thing gets well for ya…

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