CountryGal Session 2

Part 2 of the same zit popping seesion from countrygal.Great work. Can we get some history about this specimen in the comments section?

[flashvideo filename=files/country2.flv /]

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  • Ok history. I like to get things on film. Well, this elderly relative has quite a few repetetive cysts and things. And has been to the Dr. usually for treatment. The relative bathes and washes properly and all but still, these persist on the subjects back. Impossible for them to get to themselves. When taken care of at home, in the past, it was by someone else who does not film. I peruse all the sites with media you don’t see on TV. Liveleak, M90, YNC, Heaven666, YouTube, all those you know. I stumbled onto this one a while back and I knew with my relatives condition, a star could be born ! LOL

  • And a star you are !!! Great Vids. Nice pus man!! No **ZIT** things… Just semi-solid Nastyness !!! I LOVE IT !!!!
    Eeuuuhhh and if I dont ask for too much …….. Next Vid ? ? ?

  • SPOIL ME! I think that was actually a comedone cap, and it was Be-Ah-Yoo-Tih-Full! Didja save it in a little jar in some alcohol? lol. Your technique is fantastic, and since things only get better with repe**ZIT**ion, I can’t wait.

    No really, I can’t. Wait, that is. I’m feening already! What have you done to me? I’m addicted! Ahhhhhhhh….

    tee hee

  • countrygal, you’re AWESOME! And please tell that relative of yours (I think the relative in question is a “she”) that we love her and that we will worship her forever and ever. And you too, of course!

    Please keep the vids coming!

  • Rosy, you are so sweet ! I told my relative, ( yes female) that she would have an adoring fan club. Being her age, 70’s, she doesn’t much believe in things like this being filmed. You know how they grew up in the 40’s and 50’s. I even brought her to the PC and showed her all the other videos visible here and on youtube and other sites. I had to make a total promise that I would not show her face, which is no problem. It’s not her face everyone wants to see. She was raised in a time when girls were exiled for getting pregnant out of wedlock. She doesn’t think proper ladies should have cysts or things, much less film the action of their removal. She is a sweet, grandmother looking lady and I love her very much. Rosy, I will print your comment so she can see I told the truth. And maybe, just maybe with such encouragement, she will let me film again. Thank you Rosy

  • Oh country, let your relative know she has something amazing and beautiful and such a gem should be filmed and enjoyed! Im glad you have her and we have you, heartfelt thanks to both of you.

  • Halph Staph.. you are silly! No.. I didn’t save it in a jar with some alcohol. I took my thumb and flicked that mother out into the yard for the chickens to run over and eat ! LOL

  • Countrygal is doing a service, she is helping to care for the skin of her family member and at the same time she is sharing the “POP ART” with the rest of us who enjoy it… and people don’t think for one moment that watching “POP ART” is bad or strange, it crosses all lines, Rich, Poor, Men, Women, Doctor, factory worker, Christain, Atheist…..we all love it when the crops are harvested by skilled PopFarmers

  • CountryGal-I hope that soon your relative is no longer embar**ZIT**ed by all of this. She may be ashamed, but here she may as well be a beauty queen! Thank you for sharing this video and, please, thank the star of this film for allowing us to enjoy!

  • In my house growing up, my mom called it ‘grooming’ my dad when he had zits and such he needed removed. My sister and I used to gather around and watch when my mom would sit my dad down for a ‘session’…lol You could tell she loved it, she was fascinated by it.
    She saw it as a service, keeping him clean of blemishes.
    I showed her and my dad both the site and they look at all of it with wonder and amazement!!

  • By far one of the BEST filming and squeezing of zit/blackhead I have seen!!
    Amazing clarity!! Wish all of the vids were like this one. Thank you soooo much for the Perfect zit video:)

  • Thank you, I wish you could see it before it’s been changed over to Flash Video or whatever plays here. It would blow you away then. It’s one Hell-uva Sony Harddrive Handycam I have and I cut it back some to keep the file size from being huge.

  • That was an excellent vid. Great filiming, awesome handeling of the subject. Perfect vid all around. All though I had to laugh like crazy when you said you flicked that mother into the yard for the chickens to run over to and eat. All I could think of was KFC, Kentucky Fried Comedone….I know I am a pretty sick person…LOL! Keep them coming!

  • CountryGal, I used to do the same for my late parents. Sometimes they were willing and even requested the help; sometimes it took convincing.

    A couple of notes from experience, including what I wish I’d done to make things easier for my parents. (Do as I say, not as I did.) Medical types in the membership are welcome to correct me.

    Older skin is fragile; we saw in Part 1 that skin was flaking where you squeezed. It also bruises easily. Please be careful of that. Probably should stop squeezing if the skin flakes or the patient complains of pain.

    Try a warm compress to open the pore before squeezing. Alternatively, try ice pack to numb the area.

    If the cyst is obviously larger than your thumbtip, I would leave the squeezing or removal to the doctor.

    It may go without saying, but if the cyst is abcessed, don’t touch! Follow doctor’s orders, which will probably include the warm compress already mentioned.

    Above all…love her while you’ve got her!

  • One more tip: Squeezing can lead to the se**ZIT** creating tracks (tracts?) under the skin, not visible from the surface, that could also become infected and/or create a new cyst in a different location.

    Can’t give you any online cites about this, but witnessed it in my late father. One of his visiting nurses made a point of showing me the tract when re-dressing an excised cyst.

  • Countrygal, you remind me of one of the Wilson girls. I’ve never gotten addicted to anything this fast. But your accent, prowess with the video and your extraction techniques are contagious. Superb! Keep sharing with us and often. u r da bomb!

  • After watching this several times and knowing these 2 vids were taken the same day, notice on vid 2 the popper has blood on her gloves. Perhaps there was another zit we didn’t have liberty to see!

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