kids pop cyst on mom’s head lol

Ah a family affair. THis is fantastic!!
[flashvideo filename=files/momcystr.flv /]

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  • Okay, honestly, I am not impressed with screaming, gagging, girls/boy??? HOWEVER, as I am always the one that stresses being nice–here it goes, thank you for the posting–kids, don’t yell, it isn’t a bot fly beast–you are getting to benefit from DIY experience. That is huge. Now, for the sequel, did you get this thing out? Well, maybe the next video will answer that question. Good luck mom–I hope the cyst is out.

  • bogey1 – WHY would do something like that? Why bring that partisan stuff in here? How could you possibly think it was appropriate or desirable to start partisan insults here? It’s guaranteed to tick off as many folks who might get a quick smile from it, and for no purpose except your own pleasure.

    Simply amazing. What could possibly make you think that people are so hungry for more of the same old overused, smug, gratuitous partisan insults that litter six zillion other websites that they are simply begging for you to to come and give them MORE of it? And in a zit blog? A ZIT BLOG for chrissake!

    If people want that stuff, they know a hundred other places where they can go. Most want to get AWAY from it, not to have it thrown in their faces by someone who wants to take something that doesn’t belong to them and twist it to their own partisan purposes.

  • i agree with bogie and loveit,
    what a silly place to toss out a political commentary no matter how brief and inane. *YAWN* (:l

    other than that would have been a good video if the kids hadn’t acted up so and moved the camera about so much. maybe ritalin for the next take??? 😉

  • chrisa? You might want to look at what you said again… you said you agree with BOGIE and loveit… Bogey1 made the political comment… lol oops

  • I just got to thinking… now before you all start jumping on my case for what I said to chrisa… I was trying to HELP… I figured she didn’t want to be praising bogie (bogey1) since his statement obviously upset her, too. Just trying to help people… no ulterior motives.

  • yes ppm, i see the error of my ways. i did originally mean jumbob and loveit. i couldn’t sleep last night, i got up from trying at around 4 or 5 a.m. or so and wrote it.

    thanks for pointing that out. 😀

  • i don’t like screaming kids anymore than the rest of you, but I saw some pus and I wasn’t about to discount it because they were being annoying. **ZIT**, there’s at least one person being annoying in any vid.

  • Softserve, isn’t that the truth? I really can’t stand those people who think they know EVERYTHING, and really, they haven’t a clue, they’re just being “on camera”. I should have said something besides “brats”, but I just get so **ZIT** worked up when they don’t JUST POP IT! lol! I guess I also got my hackles up because if I needed one of my kiddos to do something like that for me, I sure wouldn’t want them calling me disgusting , when we all know those types of things aren’t our fault! It’s not like the mom wanted to have it, she needed help, and the kids were so mean about it. That would have hurt my feelings. Maybe I’m too sensitive, which is why I don’t like some of the snarling that goes on here. It’s so **ZIT** innappropriate.

  • Hmmmm…araid mom’s gonna be pullin that pretty blond hair out in just a few years with little Mr. Drama QUEEN!! Thatkid’s gay or I’m not sitting here typing. I thought he was a girl with all the sickening drama and squealing!! Kids like that make ME sicker than any pus video could EVER DO!!!! Someone else should have held the camera…not little Mr. Fancy Pants…

  • hee hee hee! I got tickled watching this one. Brings back memories of mortifying my own kids with my “oh, mom…gross!” stuff…like when I blasted Beatles tapes in my car while waiting for them to get out of school! (My girls are now in their 30’s and NOW they like the Beatles!) hee hee hee…

  • I would like to step in here and say being gay does NOT make you a drama queen any more than being a woman makes you psycho, sensitive, overprotective, giggly, or whatever else ppl like to accuse us of being. And I would also like to say that saying “I’m sorry mom” isn’t your right. Maybe this woman would be just as happy if her son was gay as if he were not. Maybe this mother would love their child regaurdless of his preference. Let’s not gay bash please. You don’t know who else is on here and mite be offended.

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