OMG Gross Head Hole and Abscess – Warning Extreme Surgery

OK folks, this one even had me peering from behind my fingers. The gentleman in question has been fighting cancer – thus the whole hole in the head issue. (ha ha, whole hole). The first scene you see the hole filed in – I guess that is actually a scabby on top. Doc said he’d show it later, but didn’t. I felt cheated – until I saw the big abscess on top of his head…. and I will end it there so I don’t spoil it.

This is gross. Get a bucket, get a bag – but if you do the bag thing I’d definitely make sure it was doubled, maybe tripled….

****Warning This is a bit tough!!*** You have been warned*****

Eww. Well, if you like, surgeries, nasal cavities, abscesses, and pus… I guess this extreme video is for you!!!

~ H.S. (blurp)

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      • I’m obviously new. How do I get my ratings to go up from hyper wiper? is there some sort of point system I am supposed to be getting or? Haha. Sorry to be so nub. I just love this kinda creepy weird stuff!

  • Excellent video–just simply wonderful. The suction action on the abscess drainage was professional. Thank you for the posting. Wow, what tremendous capabilities the human body has for healing. The scalp images were wonderful. This video had action, lights, and “eye candy”. My health issues are way minimized thanks to watching this video. I sincerely hope the patient survives this ordeal and has quality to his life after enduring the process. Great Find. Great Posting. Thank you.

    • I agree. I wish that someone would have filmed it and uploaded to some site. It does look that the surgery was a challenge to the docs. But by the end, the guy wasn’t looking so bad under all the patches. I wish him luck.

  • It’s really not gross brothers and zitsters, if ya look at it for what it is. They have done a superb job of clearing away the cancer from his nose,septum and sinus. I think, they were able to access these areas by peeling the scalp away. Let’s face it, if they can get a handle on this pt.s cancer, plastic surgeons begin to work their majik!! Fill ‘er in and build a nose!!Look what they did for Michael Jackson ( RIP ) .
    Wouldn’t it be the perfect horror scene, if they used maggots for cleanup of the necrotic flesh!! Who goes Muwah ha ha!! well heres one for ya!!!


    “It’s really not gross brothers and zitsters”
    ———are you kidding me!!!!??????????

    I love this zit and even I couldnt watch it all the way through…..

    Thanks Halph………I’m scarred for life……..
    But not as scarred as that poor, poor man-

  • OMG! that poor man…
    granted the docs were really good at what they did, i have a hard time with videos of people that are really suffering in any way. its different when it is your typical boil, staph, body abcess or giant zit, but when someone is so ill like that, i feel like i am invading their privacy somehow, or benefitting in some sick way from their pain.

    this is not to say that it is a “bad” video at all, its just much harder for me to watch than others and i don’t get any “pleasure” from it so-to-speak. i feel the same way about the animal videos too.

  • Thanks for the warning, HS. I still gave ti a go. Even though I only skipped through, I smoked a board.

    My father wanted me to be a doctor. This video shows why I couldn’t. Hooray for those that can, and that feller needs prayer. Better days, old fruit.

  • Holy F%ck…!!!! Now thats what ya call a hole !! Did ya see the Mayonaise dripping from under the skull….??? Fantastic Vid, cant get too Nasty for me !! The more the Better !!
    But I feel sorry for the Old Man , fighting Cancer, having such surgerys takes a lot of you !!! I hope He”‘ll gets better soon.
    When I seen the Hole in the Midle it was just like One Big Eye in the midle ……like an Orgre

  • Fetish, the rest of that sentence was if ya look at it for what it is. Cancer is dead, necrotic flesh with an odor like all **ZIT** emanating from it. I can’t imagine the shame he must have felt knowing such a calamity was a factor n his life, and that people turned away from him repulsed. With a clean wound, the odor is eliminated and with the packing and bandages one would never realize the extent of his wounds. I’ll tell you of a wound that we were responsible for in a wound center @ another time, if you care to hear. it. Truly, dear, i can’t think of an example @ this time when something that looks so horrid ( and it does!) is actually better. Please believe me Fetish, I’m not trying to make light of your statements. Maybe I’m trying to impart one of my coping mechanisms……. Finish out your weekend for you, hon and have a geat ev**ZIT****ZIT****ZIT**x

  • that was unbelieveable. like the guy said in home alone 2
    “wow, what a hole”
    thats just m**ZIT**ive, i hope they were able to fill it all in, maybe some bondo or plastic filler resin then some good feather sanding and some paint or makeup.
    too bad boyd coddington has p**ZIT**ed away, he and his crew could have filled that and made it look so good, everyone would want one.

  • I watched the whole video. No gagging, or vomiting. That mustve been some cancer, to necrose that much bone and flesh away. Will take multiple surgeries and a graft no doubt to close the hole. I also suspect a metal or plastic facial plate will be needed.

  • haha am I the only one not getting all disturbed by this? I LOVED every second.. actually i think this might just be the best thing i’ve ever seen!! i’m totally in awe… H.S- you are officially my hero and you will forever be number one!!!!

  • Meant to include that I REALLY FEEL for this POOR MAN, as well all should. Can you imagine going through what he has (and) most likely still is? How horrible….to LOSE THAT much of your face to cancer, THEN get an internal cyst in your skull like THAT, and THEN have to get the huge void cause by cancer filled in SOMEhow and then hopefully have enough of the RIGHT plastic surgery, that will MAYBE make it look somewhat normal?? Keep this guy in your regular prayers!

  • This was pure surgery GOLD! It was interesting to say the least. I would love to see follow up vids!!!

    Mother E is right, and I love her input! Thanks!

    That guy is a tough dude for enduring his cancer. I sincerely hope he survives and has a great life.

    And Halph, you are a **ZIT** for offering up such wonders! lol

    I really wanted to see that sick scab from the beginning!!!

  • Whoa!!!!

    Good yellow creamy stuff!

    But HIPPA must be coming after the ones that posted this! Can’t believe that this poor dude signed a release to let this go all over the internet!

  • magna, The color of exudate,most often suggests there is a bacterial infection going on. with all the surgeries this poor soul has had to endure, it’s not surprising a bug didn’t find it’s way in. We can only hope for him, that he is well hydrated and nourished because he has a fight for life ahead of him. White or yellow exudate suggests there is a injury and this is a vehicle for wbc’s to fight off potential invaders while the wound heals. When the exudate has turned to green greenish brown or any of the other obviously nasty colors accompanied with the smell of “rot” the wound has probably been taken over by a bacteria. There is no time for atb. therapy, the wound must be treated at the site along with IV atb.
    This man has a fight ..**ZIT** be with him.. Afterall, he is the ultimate physician..

    • Awesome comment and post mother! I commented before seeing your post..I ususally do…again, I beleive this man has been through his surgeries and what happened here was an infection..although scary and dangerous, not as horrific as it looks..just my opinion and I could be wrong…

      Also, what is wbc’s??? The thought of a bug going in there creeps me out…

  • I’m finding that I’m enjoying the surgical videos, since I was really interested in science and medicine as a kid, and this is kind of falling in line with that, at the crossroads of my OCD thing about squeezing pimples.

  • I enjoyed this one. I feel bad for the patient, but it was really interesting to be able to see into his sinuses and other facial structures. I’m sure he’s on IV antibiotics and they will make a **ZIT**tail to address whatever bacteria shows up in the culture that they took. The thing that amazes me as an advanced practice nurse is the combination of new technologies with good old fashioned metal plates and screws.
    I’m definitely into surgical procedures, so keep on posting!

  • This poor man!!! I just wanted to give him a big hug. This must have been so painful, especially at 70 yrs. old with an older immune system. I really hope this surgery did the trick for him.=-( This is exactly why I’m going into medicine.

  • Holy f*&k, poor dood being subjected to music like that at suck, sorry such, a transitional moment in life! Joke aside; Jesus, i do hope that he is ok though! F*&k, i think i’m gonna give up the smokes!

  • oh my god…. this is one of the most AWESOME, BADASS videos i have ever seen! nothing can make me gag or vomit, and this vid was no exception! but that poor guy is in my prayers! i dont know what i would do if something like that happened to me. suzie, you said it best doll. my health issues are nothing compared to what this guy has been through! and who gives a flying f&@k about the blackhead on dudes nose? he was just scalped! 🙁

  • I really feel badly for this man, yet I admire and respect that he is still alive. If that ever happened to me I’d make the best of it too. I’d also have the hole retrofitted with a big blue gl**ZIT** eye, complete with eyelashes and a few hair plugs for an eyebrow.

  • Oh, man….something about surgeries that expose the skull kinda freak me out. Nothing else even phases me but seeing the skull or brain just does something to me. All of that being said, this guy is in my prayers. Poor soul obviously has major issues that only the Big Man can resolve. **ZIT** Bless, sir…You’re in our prayers.

  • Yeah, I sure wish we could get an update on this fella somehow…. that’s got to be one of the worst places to have an infection that I’ve seen. (other than actually in the brain/spinal chord)

  • This was so interesting HalphStaph, thanks so much. I really like the surgery videos when they tell you what’s going on. And the video is so crisp & clear. I went looking for this on YouTube to see if there was any follow up. He made a full recovery and they even made him a magnetic prosthesis for the nose/skull defect. The doc said the old guy looks good. Amazing.

  • Sometimes, while traveling through the dusty, ancient archives, I happen across a video that is too intense for description. OMG, this is fascinating yet disturbing. Amazing yet very difficult to watch. Given the age of this post, it is doubtful anyone will read what I write here today. It’s like my own message in a bottle tossed into the sea that might be found months or even years from now by a fellow archive explorer. This poor man made an impression on me. Humans are fragile yet amazingly resilient aren’t they? I wonder what ever happened to him. I will light a candle for him tonight. **ZIT** bless him.

    • HA! Uncle Larry….you’re being stalked! lol….no, really I just couldn’t resist letting you know I read your comment before it got “buried”. You can stick my note in your bottle too, if you want1

      This video bothered me a great deal as well, and one does wonder what happened to this person later on. Hope they are doing much better!

    • I see it too, so you can my note too. I feel so for this poor man, but yet have to marvel at what can actually be done to save or extend a patient life. That, too, is a miracle.

  • ahhh nothing like hearing katey perry singing in the background of the surgury oh my god if i was a surgion i would have to have total silence except for the peeps im working along side with this was one of the most interesting procedures i have ever watched it was **ZIT**a gross i must say but educational to

  • wow i really hope that patient pulled through and wow the huge section missing from forehead may god heal him great post Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • Wouldn’t that be a great party trick! “Look what I can do” man drinks beer from his forehead and he spits it out…sorry I know bad joke….I am glad this guy is getting the medical treatment that he needs. I hope he is all well now. great video

  • I appreciate you entrusting this serious a procedure to your PTZ family. I have learned so much tolerance from watching the less fortunate being treated with kindness and respect. Mother Eruption guides us with the technicalities and makes it easier to endure what we are watching. Thanks to all of you for leaving this up for us newbies to watch.

  • Thank you so much for making such a serious procedure available here at PTZ. With Mother Eruption’s guidance, we are all learning so much more about the human being’s ability to cope. When we know more, we fear less.

  • I am no expert, my theory is there was obviously cancer involved, but if the cancer isn’t treatable, usually, unless the patient has excellent insurance or lots of money, the medical professionals will not go to any traumatic or lengthy experiments. Saying again, I am not a medical professional, only going by what life has taught me.

    Although this looks horrific, deadly or perhaps this man may not be among the living anymore (I don’t think that is the case)..I really beleive that this surgical procedure wasn’t really as scary as it appears..again, I could very well be wrong, I guess the optimistic person in me is wanting to beleive that this gentlemans surgery has actually added years to his life and possibly cured him of some sort of cancer..That is what I want to beleive anyway.

    Great post Halphie <3...You never cease to amaze me!!


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