Pilonidal Cyst Removal

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A bit graphic and I winced. But I found this fascinating – hope you do too, might want to do a couple shots of whisky prior to viewing. Shows how a Pilonidal cyst can originate. Patient avoided surgery that’s often horribly more invasive.

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  • Great vid MCP! I gave ya 5 stars MCP! I love surgical videos where they pull stuff out like that! I like pus-y ones the best… thick yellow-green pus… but this is the next best thing! Sorry squeeze… ya never know I guess… but at least it got posted!

  • Ooo Magna-**ZIT**-pus – I feel like we are trading Pilondial treats! That was an awesome companion to the hair removal one. And you’re right, they avoided a much more terrible surgery.

    I don’t know how people deal with the aftermath and long recovery of a full on Pilondial Cyst removal. I mean, that “coyote hole” as they call it is one nasty wound in one nasty place! But, I guess just like anyone with major medical stuff – you just find a way to move forward no matter what!!!

    Thanks for the great video! 5 stars, 4 great big exploding boils, 3 abscesses lanced and flowing, 2 bot fly larvae, and 1 hug! (Hmmm, I feel a Christmas poem seed being planted..haha)

    lol ~ H.S.

  • Chrisa – yeah I remember that one, OMG AAARRGGHH you KNOW that had to hurt! That one is a keeper4s**ZIT**.

    PPM – so glad you got your eyecandy, you sicko. HAA! ;-D I am going to search for more right after this.

    Haff Staff – Dude, after I posted and later saw the one you had just laid on us I was thinking the same thing. But I like yours better. That hair…OH YEAH!!!

    Yup, the “coyote hole” is bad juju; brother-in-law said when they unpacked his ‘CH’ he p**ZIT**ed out from the pain, no exaggeration.

    All fellow pusheads get ready to complain – pilonidal cysts are the NEW BOTFLY. OWWWWWW OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Halph Staph – I had pilonidal surgery done about three years ago, and I had a fairly large chunk of tissue removed from my body. The “coyote hole” treatment was never even raised as a possibility; I wonder if that’s the sort of thing reserved for less severe cases.

    As for living with a pilonidal excision, there are varying degrees to it. My operation was a closed incision operation (they cut out the tissue surrounding the cyst and sewed the wound together afterwards), but only just barely. Any larger, and I would have had open wound treatment, which means putting a weird vacuum pack on the open wound and letting it heal from the bottom up. Takes a while.

    As for me, my closed incision op wasn’t too bad. I was home for about a week, taking it easy and taking tons of vitamins. However, my incision did split open partially a few days after the s**ZIT**ches were removed, which was frightening. They swabed the interior of the wound with silver nitrate (ouch!) to seal it shut and put medical tape on top so it could finish healing. It did, and the scar that remains is all I have from the very successful op.

    Had I found this place before my operation, I would have shot you guys some footage of the abscess I had with it, though. That thing would shoot a jet of blood and pus across the room if you squeezed it hard enough.

    A final word: my overall health improved dramatically after the operation. That huge abscess was really putting a strain on my immune system with the constant production of pus.

  • gobotron–i also had the closed incision after having my pilonidal cyst removed. i had significant nerve damage in the area (had no feeling in the immediate area, tingly feeling around the area) for many years. it has now been 10 years since my surgery and i am only now regaining feeling there. however, this hasn’t been bothersome in the least, and i am happy to have done the surgery. after the cyst became infected the second time, i opted for the surgery over continued pain and issues for an unknown amount of time.

    when i did have pus/swelling in the cyst, my doc did pack the incision to allow for drainage and that was painful (and super embar**ZIT**ing, as my dad had to change my packing every few days [i was in my late teens/early twenties at the time]).

    when i had my surgery, my s**ZIT**ches split open also, as i went back to work too soon and slipped on a wet floor and did the splits. luckily, it just bled for a little while but then healed normally without further intervention.

    anyway, its interesting to hear others experiences with this, as its not exactly something that comes up in ‘normal’ conversation! also, i agree that if this site was around then, i would have gotten some video. i will try to get some video if i ever get a boil/cyst again, though mine all tend to be in areas that cannot be viewed on this site. 🙂

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