***WARNING*** Really Gross – Nose Larvae!

We’ve had some great nasal surgeries on here recently, and some bot fly and other larvae videos. Well, this clip is a **ZIT** child of those two categories. I’m warning you, it really is gross. If you are on PTZ for the pus, pimples, zits, blackheads, abscesses and related stuff, skip this one. Its ok – these films aren’t for everybody. πŸ™‚

For those that do like this stuff, HAVE FUN!
~ H.S. (another year older, none the wiser!)

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    • How do they get started in the nose?Then how does one not know they are in the nasal cavity squirming about? Maggots are the worst – always twisting and bobbing around.

  • I’m trying to imagine how that feels. AllI can come up with, is a gnat flying up one of my nares. I shook my head violently, sneezed, nose and eyes watering!! Good lord!!how did that person avoid breathing that filth into their air p**ZIT**age ways? or into the bronchi-tree…. Wouldn’t there be bacteria and germ introduced into the pulmonary tract? Maybe the mucous could hold a little of that at bay..I wonder what kind of maggots they are??I believe the screw fly maggot eats away at living flesh. Finally, how did that person put up with the sensation of that filth undulating around in the nair– Just filthy yuckity yuck yuck disguesting and repulsive..

  • H.F,

    I am a wound nurse. But I had to stop watching. What a relief to get all of that out though for the person. I am only **ZIT**uming they got it out. Had to stop watching!!!!

  • This video has NOTHING to do with this site! Nothing was shown of the removal or “Popping” these larvae out! It just showed a guy talking and the aftermath of wriggling larvae. Where is the value in showing this vid on THIS site? None… shouldn’t have been posted IMO. I am allowed that still I hope.

  • Did he/she fall asleep at a maggot farm? And what the hec with the 2 stainless steel buckets full of b**ZIT** bait? Great way to earn extra money.

    “Yeah, I know, her family ain’t got no money and she’s always on my back about somethin, but she’s got worms and I love to fish.”

  • How did this happen…oh and can you imagine how that dude felt with all that in there….I just wish we were able to watch them being removed. I think I counted at least 21 of them in the pan…wow.

  • lol @ magna πŸ˜€ omg.. fell asleep at a maggot farm.. “tum ti tum.. some wormies.. oh, i’m kinda tired.. well, i’ll just rest for a bit.. zzzzzzz” XD

    this was disgusting, but not THAT disgusting.. and not my cup of tea πŸ™‚ thanx for the post though! keep em coming!

  • PPM,maybe you didn’t get a chance to read H.S.’ video description :”If you are on PTZ for the pus, pimples, zits, blackheads, abscesses and related stuff, skip this one. Its ok – these films aren’t for everybody”.

    Some people like these type of videos. Obviously you aren’t one of them,but you didn’t have to watch it. Just MHO,of course. πŸ™‚

  • blonde, I did read everything she wrote. This video did not show the removal of the worms, so what worth is it on THIS SITE that is named “POP”ThatZit.com. I have my reasons for my comment that probably aren’t apparent to other members. As you are en**ZIT**led to your opinion I am certainly en**ZIT**led to mine. I know Emilbus can post whatever he deems is okay for his site but I do know that HS nags Emilbus to look at her videos when he hasn’t. He probably doesn’t watch every one and just posts some to make people happy and get them off his back. IMO of course.

    • You woman, you sick in the Brainz. And I find it an INSULT towards Emilbus and Halph about the nagging and Emil just giving in. But I DO know what the real reason is for this sick behaviour . . . .
      JEALOUZY !!! You are just an enormous sick in the mind mean woman Who cant stand that You are not taken seriously by Emilbus and Halph is !!

    • PPM, please stop being so tiresome. If you read the warning before the video and still complain, the only option people have is to believe that are quite the imbecile. And after reading many of your comments over the few weeks I’ve been on this site, it’s an easy **ZIT**umption to come to.

  • Holy Cow!!! I’ve NEVER seen anything like THAT. Gross! It is a very interesting clip and I”m glad you posted it…..even if it’s not technically a pop πŸ™‚

  • PPM, take a friggin’ chill pill will ya? you didn’t have to look at it, there was a warning posted, why waste your time and then zit about it. stop taking yourself so G/D seriously!

  • A nest of worms in a most peculiar place. We can only imagine how they got there & what else is in there. Lots of life left in ’em for the end of a fish hook!!
    I had an ulcer in my left nostril 5 yrs ago so this was very educational for me. Thanks HS for posting.

  • OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP! I thought the one from a couple of days ago was the BEST bot fly ever…OBVIOUSLY I spoke WAYYYYYYYYYYYY to soon!

    I bow to this video!

    10/10 EXCELLENT!

  • JUST FYI: I must be pretty harcore – I don’t care what comes out of where and if there is an actual pop or no pop. I just wanna’ see stuff and imagine getting my hands on it! The only things that bother me here are when the vid ends too soon or if someone is being a wus during the squeezins! And the ziting….

  • squeezums:

    strangely, when i watch these vids. especially the cyst, boil, zits, i get hungry. don’t know if its just coincidence or if i have some twisted and sick **ZIT**ociation happening in my brain.
    i am so weird :@

  • Imagine feeling those things wiggling around in your nose and sinuses! I’d go nuts…and then imagine seeing afterward what had been living inside your face…..Active little **ZIT**s, weren’t they???!!?! I loved the one haulin’ **ZIT** on the surgical table, trying to escape.

    Just a wild stab, but I’m guessing the language in this video is Thai. Anybody know anyone who could translate? I would love to know if they talk about how those eggs got laid up there, and what insect they are the larvae of. Also, is the guy at the end the patient? Maybe he is telling how/what happened to get those wigglers up there.

  • i think a translation is needed
    but how dirty does someone have to be to have that many up their nose?
    it was a kool video but makes you wonder about the hygiene of some people.

  • LMAO@magna – β€œYeah, I know, her family ain’t got no money and she’s always on my back about somethin, but she’s got worms and I love to fish.

    OH MY DEAR LORD! How in the world….but…why…but…never mind…I can’t even come up with the words….WOW!

    • Halphie, these oldies play just fine!!! One fly lays one batch of eggs. Result: above video. If the person hadn’t felt anything, a trip to the doctor would not have occurred. I believe hundreds of videos have proven that hygiene has nothing to do with it. A nicely showered person can get a mosquito bite and end up with a botfly, so why do folks always blame nasal worms on lack of hygiene?

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