A Gift of Botfly, in Duplicate (**WARNING** Deceased Animal)

OK, first off, usual warning scenario… the video is en**ZIT**led “2 Bot Fly Larvae 1 Bunny” on YT, so it is kinda self explanatory… there is a dead rabbit in which the two botfly larvae were ummm, hosted, and I’m sure it was not willingly. So, please do not watch this video if you are easily depressed or horrified by dead animals, parasites, wriggling and studded for winter road travel worms, or if you love botflies so much you can’t watch them burned to Asian food crispiness. I bet now you are wondering 1)if someone eats them in this video 2)WHY?!? 3)How????? 4)Can I stomach it just to see if this is true???

And since I already spoiled some of it by saying they get cooked up…. I won’t spoil the rest… ‘cos I am downright evil. Muwah ah ha ha ha!!!!

Really – if you have a weak cons**ZIT**ution, don’t watch. I am sure someone will spill the beans in the comments below. Just promise, dear viewers and fellow popologists – add **SPOILER** if you tilt that can.

ENJOY *buuurrrrpp*!
~ H.S.

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  • I would have to be starving to death (literally) to shoot a bunny. I don’t know what those things were, but they were gross. I hope he didn’t eat the bunny. No, since he’s a bunny killer who doesn’t appear to be starving I hope he did eat it and it had wicked bot fly bunny burps. (does this make me a bad person? lol)

  • Botflys come from South America. These little nasties are cuterebra. Cousin to the bot. They are typically found in cat faces/necks and small critters like that poor bunny. I’m guessing they exited the body when the temperature cooled. They were big too!

    Oh, and I have to say that guy is a **ZIT** for sitting on his porch waiting for wildlife to run by and shoot. This didn’t appear to be a “hunting” situation.

  • Actually, those were botfly. Cuterebra are usually the milky or creamy colored ones, and much smaller. We have a vid removal prob under Botfly Category with one of them being removed (from a cat methinks!) But Bots, sorry to say, are found in America. Ground Squirrels get these guys a lot! They even termed the awkward and wobbly way the squirrels move towards the ends of the Bots growth stage, just before they exit the G.S.’s body – the “Warbles.” Making the Botfly “homes”… Warble Holes.

    Gads. Blurp! TMI, gross. lol

    I actually wrote the guy and suggested humane no kill catch and release traps next time he is worried about a bunny scattering weed seed across his lawn. *sigh* He didn’t consume the rabbit, but did report that the rabbit’s body was taken by the next morning, thus completing that durn Circle of Life thing.

    Man, I am making myself nauseous. Weird, usually doesn’t occur with me, I mean, I post these videos!!! Maybe I have the flu coming on! Or is it just relatives descending for a weekend visit???

    ~ H.S.

  • Thanks HS! I am misinformed. I should research more bots and cuters.

    It’s those pesky relatives making you peckish! lol

    I still stand by my earlier comment of how that guys is a **ZIT**. So he sat on his porch and killed the bunny for scattering seed? Like squirrels, birds and other wildlife won’t do that too? Total douche. That was sweet of you to offer a suggestion to him tho. 🙂

  • Mothereruption left some wickedly funny comments earlier, and I am sad to see them gone. That wabbit sure did look wascaly. He was probably looking for just the perfect patch of gr**ZIT** to ruin by dropping a bomb, and leaving behind a patch of crab gr**ZIT**. The guy “did feel bad, because the bunny was so cute”, but his lawn is much more luxuriously green because of his diligent wabbit watching/shooting. Whew. That is a relief, at least he “felt bad”. Kill da wabbit , kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit. Elmer Fudd acting fool. Too bad this bunny wasn’t as clever as Bugs, and didn’t stand there dropping that bomb, chewing a carrot, asking, “What’s up doc?”, while those bots furiously dug themselves into that “lawn bomb bunny extinguisher”!
    I sure was hoping that those bots popped like popcorn when they burned tho’, **ZIT**mer.

  • Bot Pop. Wonder what the popped kernel would look like? Would all the spines just explode off, or would you have to spit them out? Butter, or ketchup? Would they already be salty?

    There’s your morning “Ewwwwwwwwwww! You’re gross, Halph!”

    heh heh heh
    ~ H.S.

  • Well as I have said MANY times before and got no response!!! (yep) I have always been aware of these larva never as bot fly,and the cuterebra thing is even newer! We always called them worvles.. Heavily in the wild rabbit population and squirrel and yes one in a cat many moons ago. The old timers that did hunt for food insisted that the appearance of these maggots ruined the food value
    This man with the rifle is wrong unless he was hunting for food. My Seminole grandfather pounded this into us and I believe it. There was times and many he had to live on what he could kill and was grateful for it. People who kill for sport are wrong. There is no other way to look at it. Rest well grandpa, I do miss your wisdom.

  • I live in a highrise in a large city. We have rabbits that hang out in our very expensive landscaping. there was a big deal about how to deal with these creatures since they are eating the greens

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