Baby Squirrel Has Botfly Warble Removed by Angels

I love anyone who takes such care of animals most people overlook. The poor baby squirrel has got a botfly utilizing him as a host, and it cannot feel too good. When Ground Squirrels get a botfly parasite, the holes are called “Warble Pores” so named for the swaying back and forth and general unsteadiness that the GS has due to the growing botfly (or multiple botfly larvae). The removal of this one larvae isn’t pretty, especially for those stoutly unimpressed and nauseated by these parasites, but I’m glad they did it! I wonder if they realize how small the botfly larvae (or as they call it, a warble… understandable jargon leap) is compared to a fully matured larvae ready to move out and pupate.


***WARNING!*** Gross BOTFLY LARVAE REMOVAL. Watch by your own choice, please don’t complain afterwards. Thanks, all y’all!

Sure, I could have written some hilarious commentary/intro, but that little squirrel is so cute, and I am just so happy it won’t suffer through the pain anymore, well, it put me in a more informative than witty mood. I’m sure you understand, dear audience.

~ H.S.

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  • bless her heart. so many folks tend to ignore all the little creatures that we see daily and some of them suffer terribly. nature can be cruel at times.

    if i see an animal suffering, my first instinct is to try and save it. this summer i rescued a baby bird, just days old. it had fallen from its nest and there was no way to return it. the nest was in the rafters if a shopping centre’s outdoor garden area. i nursed “floyd” a baby starling for well over a week, feeding him every twenty minutes from dawn to dusk. i contacted a wild bird rescue and they told me how and what to feed him.
    sadly little floyd p**ZIT**ed away from unknown causes. he was doing so well too, had bonded with me and everything. i was so upset when he died, i actually cried on and off all day. how nuts is that?! i even buried him in my flower garden and put a little marker there.

    if it happens again, which i am sure it will, i’ll do it again and again. i have been like that since i was a kid, always brought home the strays or abandoned. this eventually translated into my love life LMAO! i have since gone back to animals, much easier to deal with 😉

  • The squirrel was… precious. That’s the first time I’ve seen treatment of the burrow hole made by the larva — always wondered why no one seemed overly concerned about cleaning it. That seemed to bother little Rocky more than anything! Thanks, HS.

  • How cute. My wife and I have had at least 3-4 generations of squirrels on our property that tamed up; one even waited for her to come home from work and here she comes running, jumps over to a brick post by the door and waits for her goodie – lucious pecans, little grey-**ZIT**s. 😛

    Chrisa, you are such a tender heart like many other animal lovers who visit this site…WHO LIKE GROOSSSS JUICY PUSSSSSS BOTS WARBLES MAGGOTS AAARRRRRR ARRRRRRRRRRRR EEEAAAAUUUUU

  • Ahhh, that squirrel was so cute! That looks like a cuterebra that my vet tech friend brought home. (She’s gross like me and keeps nasty tumors and such from surgeries. Not a giant collection, just a couple samples of gross! lol) The cuterebra was just as big as that and came out of a 6 week old kitten.

    I like people who help little critters too. So awesome! 🙂

  • I knew there must be others that refered to those things s warbles!! Yes what a sweet baby! how does one locate an infant squirrel? I have never seen one on the ground that wasn’t able to run away at hyperspeed! I have raised baby birds that I have found on the ground.
    Like you Chrisa, 6 bittys through the years 3were able to fly away and 3 didn’t make it. I haven’t stopped either. A partial chance is better than none at all! No chance would be the alternative if people chose to ignore them

  • **ZIT** bless this woman! I love animals, but admit I would be hesitant to tackle this job on an awake, cute but wild little creature with teeth. What a little cutie that baby is….the squirrel, not the larva.

  • I love when people know what they are doing…….more so with animals that can´t reach help for themselves….Bless this woman that seems to be a rescuer……..the world needs many more like her…
    there used to be a video with a man taking botflies from little birdies but now I can´t find it…anyone knows if it´s still here?

  • to see one of those removed from a living squirrel is quite a treat. I had 3 wild baby rabbits once that caused my cats grief. They wondered why they weren’t allowed in the box with them…..

  • Ah, that is really nice. I had a bad experience with a squirrel so for some reason I think they are dangerous, lol. I once fed on a potato chip and it held my fingers as it ate the potato chip, needless to say their nails are like razor blades and just holding my fingers cut me up. I wouldn’t pull away cause I would have been really screwed up, lol. Cyber therapy I feel better now.

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