Human Silly String Machine

Aptly en**ZIT**led on YT “Squirting Pimple *EPC*” this is one of those videos you will wake up at three am and wonder…

…is he available for children’s parties?

Notice even the popper ends up bagging his hands? I mean, how many holes are there for this stuff to come out of? Did the make a human pincushion out of a large cyst just to see what would happen? Perhaps they installed one of those rain shower heads because it needs to be drained so often. Oh yeah! Remember when we were little (those of us who are… uh, aged…) they had that wacky squirter doodad you could hook to the hose, and like four or more smaller hoses waved wildly about spraying out water at unsuspecting neighbor kids until someone got a black eye from getting whacked with one of the hoses? I don’t think the pressure of the pus was enough for a black eye… but I bet the camera person bagged his head, stepped back twenty paces and hit the zoom **ZIT**on….

ENJOY! You will enjoy it, or else… we’ll bring back the wacky squirter for your kids! (Today’s toys are just waaaay too safe)
~ H.S.

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