Skin tag removal

At first I wasn’t even sure this was for real. It looks lika a plum attached to her chest. But I guess it’s not fake after all.

With not much action and terrible camera work this is not a top notch video. But let’s just see this as a introduction to the bizzare world of skin tags.

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  • I am going to be bothered by that for a long time – not because of the skin tag, but because of the atmosphere in general. you could practically smell the stale smoke throught the computer. EWW

  • OMG! this was beyond disturbing! that should have been done at the dr! it could have been cancerous! and these people are allowed to function in normal society and reproduce? oiy!

  • did you see that **ZIT** in the background? The stuff above the shower? Nasty cluttered bottles and stuff probably full of bacteria….I bet they didn’t even clean those scissors! Go to a Dr for Pete’s sake….that is dangerous!

  • years ago,i had a skin tag,but that was what it was,a ‘skin’ tag…just skin,no engorged thing with blood,puss etc…i removed it by tying a piece of fine thread tightly around the base of it,depriving it of blood,do it quickly dried up and fell whailing,whooping and general ‘yeehaa’ing.

  • I haven’t been to YT to see if there is more info about what this actually was, but the woman was acting like she had not had it for long, at least not as big as it was. I think that perhaps it was a smaller skin tag, and they either used some sort of burning, icing, or tying it off, for there not to have been much blood or fluids. Perhaps that why she was saving it, because the doctor had instructed her to let it fall off on it’s own, she couldn’t resist, and it was placed in that solution (whatever it was could’ve been water for all I know) to be brought to a lab. Sounds plausable to me.

  • holy **ZIT**! that was icky…. skin tags are ususally not that large, they can develop in an area that gets friction, as the bodys way of adding another layer and more protection.. they can be flesh color or darker, like a mole. That one was way to HUGE!! blech

  • i couldnt get grossed out because it looks so **ZIT** fake. it just looks lie a zit in her trailer with a plum and super glue. and everything in there was just a mess. seriously…this screams ‘bad prank’ and ‘attention’. it didn’t bleed. if she was concerned, or smart, she would have gone to a dr.

  • To the best of my knowledge, a skin tag is precisely that. A little **ZIT** of skin nothing more. I haven’t had many issues with them. Dr. Dormon told me that warts are viral by origin. If this is a tag. It has become irritated and enlarged. It needs to be sent to a lab. If it’s viral in origin, the lady was not wise to snip it off with a pair of scissors. Hee hee not too wise anyway in those surroundings. Thats all I have on this.

  • If real she needs to have those looked at and removed by a doctor so it does not get infected etc…AND to make sure it not a cancer growth! That thing was nasty…I was sorta hoping she would stick it with a needle or something and make it squirt blood! LOL Yes I’m a sicko!

  • ahhh. see, this was what i was trying to say in the one and only forum topic i ever started. environments are *fascinating*! i might make a list of all the weird zit i see in this woman’s impeccably clean bathroom…

  • HOLY CRAP!!! I have NEVER seen a skin tag that looked ANYWHERE even CLOSE to that thing!!! That looks more like and AIDS BUBBLE than a tag!! I sure wouldn’t want to get any on me if that thing DOES end up POPPING! You’d have aids juice all over you with that thing!! Think I’d just burn it off with a German WWII flame throwe if it were me, Whewwwwww……

  • That’s odd. It would seem a skin tag the size, shape, color and consistency of a small plum would be, uh, more vascular than that. Meaning, it should have bled, shouldn’t it?

    If you’ll remember, we’ve seen tags that were just full of stuff before. There was the skin tag on that rude-sounding early-20’s British guy (sounded like he maybe from north of England? Birmingham maybe? Could some of our UK friends tell me where he’s from?) You remember, he was the guy some of us thought was pretty foul to his Mum, but then she joined in pretty well herself!

    Anyway, he had the tag on his ribs that was almost the size and shape of a pear and it was just stuffed FULL of very thick, chunky and gray pus and sebaceous material – it even refilled overnight! I watched those vids and couldn’t help but be reminded of a baker with a pastry horn squeezing out some off-white cream filling into a cannoli. YECCCHHH!

  • Only two things:

    1. I hope they don’t re-use that tupperware.
    2. How is she married and I’m still single? This is what keeps me chanting “quality quality quality” here in my late 20s…

  • That chick needs that thing biopsied. It was like a 3rd breast. On what Dr.’s advice did she decide to CUT if off with a SCISSORS? There is research that shows if you pull those off, they can return as malignant. Imagine what a shock if she picked up a guy and there was an unexpected makeout session? Ewwww, gross that guy would grab that nasty thing thinking it was a breast LOL. Very gross. I hate skin tags (the little ones), so I can’t imagine letting it get to be a size of a tomato and dark purple before I said “Hey, I should get this looked at.” WTF?

  • My son had a hemangioma just like this on his chest several months ago. It started off as a tiny mole and within 2 days it was the size of the tip of my thumb. He did not realize it got that big so fast. He told me one morning that his mole (he nicknamed it Habib) was bleeding again. I took one look and then took him straight to the ER. The dr. there then referred us to a general surgeon. We had the option of having it removed in the office or at the hospital where my son would be sedated. My son opted for sedation because he was scared. They biopsied it and it came back as a hemangioma (non-cancerous, but can return on different parts of the body). He ended up with 7 s**ZIT**ches and nice big scar. So glad I’m not stupid like this lady and took my son to a dr.

  • I’ve had small ones on my chest and they bleed and bleed and bleed – she cuts one off that is the size of small ball. It must have bleed like CRAZY as it was full of blood. I hope everything turned out ok for her.

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