Tonsil stones (I made that!)

We don’t often get that many tonsil stone posts here, and I know there are a bunch of you out there that find these smelly **ZIT**s in the back of your throat, so enjoy.
…and yes, they smelled HORRIBLE
Tonsil Stones

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  • Th efirst time I ever hacked one of those up I thought I was dying. They are so gross and I would often end up swallowing them. I was never more thankful when at the age of 20 it was decided to take those darn tonsils out. Best day of my life ;). Awesome pic. I like seeing them removed but I find myself gagging uncontrollably as I do thinking it is happening to me…LOL!

  • 1. Yes, I made those. Some people get very large ones, but I get small clumpy ones. Also, I can ‘pop’ my tonsils and they explode out. I don’t have to dig. It’s repulsive.
    2. The smell like hot garbage. Like, a diaper filled with zit and **ZIT** and sour milk and gasoline.
    3. Here is a funny article on tonsil stones (if you haven’t already grossed yourself out yet!)

  • I get them occasionally, small ones like the tip of a pin head. I have a pair of tweezers that I broke in half, and keep sterile. I push on one side and the tonsilith comes right out. It really freaks me out when I start gagging, and it falls off of the tweezers, because I refuse to swallow them. They smell like that ear gunk from earrings quite a bit, but worse and stronger, and more rotten. I believe that’s what it is, rotten food collected in the holes of my tonsils, not sure tho’. I can feel them immediately, it feels like I have a sticker, or like a thorn in my throat. I would say on average, I get about 1-2 per year, and I hide when I am getting them out. They are disgusting and embarr**ZIT**ing. I can get my tonsils removed based on getting these alone, but the ENT surgeon will not do it unless I stop smoking. I guess the bleeding can kill you, and smoking keeps you from healing well…as we all know it is horrible for you. Still, I am puffing on one as I write this. Dirty Bastards. So now you know all of my dirty secrets.

  • i never knew those even existed until i came to this site. weird.
    and the first bit i saw was the video with the ones that were HUGE.
    i would **ZIT**ume the smell would come from food that got caught since it would rot in your mouth and such. i have to wear dental appliances due to tmj and if i put them in the container even overnight without brushing them…it’s really nasty.

    those do look like grits. and i gotta say the original vid i LOVE watching.

  • i am glad i never knew about these until AFTER i had my tonsils out, along with the u.p.p.p. surgery.
    to think i had those kicking around and i am certain i did. i remember a few times coughing or clearing my throat and all of a sudden there would be a chunk or two in my mouth, they were quite firm, never smelled them just washed them down the drain and thought maybe it was food or something.

    it is interesting to watch them removed, i really enjoyed the video of those large ones being scooped out.

  • I started getting these around the age of 13 and never knew what they were. I would know I had them when my throat got sore on just the right side where my tonsil has the biggest pocket. I finally asked an ENT if he knew what they were 5 years ago and that is when I found out. He explained that they were formed by food getting trapped in there as well as….dead skin! Blecch! He told me that just as we shed our skin on the outside of our body our inner mouth sheds too. If the pocket is deep enough the skin gets trapped and, well, forms one of these. For some reason knowing there are dead skin cells in there grosses me out more than the thought of rotting food stuck in there.

  • I hate to sound like a Nancy Know-it-all, but it’s not actually food. It’s a combination of things – white blood cells, residual enzymes from food, bacteria, that have all calcified in your mouth. It’s kind of like a blackhead – gunk like skin cells, bacteria, oxygen get stuck in a pore and form to make a stiff, thick plug. Same as in your mouth.

    I just barfed a little.

  • I didn’t know about them when I was a young nurse. We had a resident who was mentally **ZIT**ed. This young woman held her head in a “thrust back ” position to take meds. Her mouth was wide open, her throat was abnormally wide and muscular due to the constant position of her head. She gulped as a fish would (horrible comparison,but accurate) to swallow. This all attributed to a great view to the back of her throat. She had tonsil stones galore! I seen them for the first time, working with this girl. They actually looked like large chunks of cottage cheese nestled down into her tonsils. Well, I thought she had some kind of funky infection going on, so I obtained a culture of one with a long handled swab. i was able to get the whole curd out with little effort. OMG the smell was ROT! that is the best description. Chances are, when you meet someone with chronic halitosis, they have stones! The culture came back Normal Flora, simply means, this growth is normal and no virus or bacteria evident. That was many many stones ago, and they still don’t smell any better.. (Food particles were part of the make up of the stone I sent) Perhaps mayor, they are not in all that form.

  • I’ve gotten a few small ones in my life too…and yea they stink like rotten diaper **ZIT** lol…I have the intense urge to grab my nightlight, my magnefied mirror, and my tweezers to check if I have any now….or maybe I’ll just watch another tonsil curd removal video on here 😛

  • I used to get them when I was a kid, I didn’t know what they where either…I thought I was hacking them up from my lungs and was freaked out a little. I still every blue moon will yak one up, nothing like when I was a kid thank goodness! I call them throat **ZIT**s now! lol

  • I for some reason always thought they were my stomach lining or something when I’d hack one up. So nasty.

    Inaffitoften, how old are you? I don’t smoke and had my tonsils out at the age of 27. A week after having it done I woke up puking blood. I really did think I was going to die. Rushed to the ER (30 mins away) holding a bag of my own blood, puking it up the whole way. So, needless to say that aren’t kidding about the whole bleed out thing!

  • i’ve never experienced these things before,although i did suffer persistent tonsilitis as a child.
    do they burst on their own,without any help?
    i understand they smell.
    this is pretty deep in the throat so i am a little confused as to how they are excised without surgical intervention.

  • I would hate being in a tiny room with anyone that had these. The odor is FOUL & makes me gag. I always stayed out of the office when my co-worker had these.
    No offense but I know your family breathes easier now, Mayor. Whew!!!

  • I never realized what these were until I came to this site. I, too, will get these every blue moon and used to think they came up from my lungs. Obviously I was wrong. The texture is kinda like a baked potato and the smell…oh, the smell…ugh…it’s horrible! And, they’re not hard, they’re actually somewhat “mushy”…I’ve got to admit, I’ve flattened them many times to see if anything else was “hiding” in there. LOL

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