My abcess drainage video

Abcess I have had on my upper thigh for the last week, just drained today Monday 10/26. Right now its packed with about 3 ft. of cotton tape, getting it removed in 2 days, video to follow!

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  • Jeeze, how painful.. so much **ZIT** pus, im really surprised she didn’t probe for loculations, forasmuch infection that drained, I bet there were some pockets. Anyway,by sheer volume, you must be relived thanks to the patient,and presenter, one in the same..looking forward to follow up.

  • Yeah this was finally drained on day 7, it started as a deep ingrown hair, I saw the Dr. 4x and they insisted there was nothing to drain (ha) then I saw this Dr. and they jumped on it. I’ve been taking Keflex, septra and clindamiacin this whole time too.

    Since being drained I’m feeling soo much better but I have major cellulitus going up and around my hip, I’m temted to take an exacto to it my self now. Yay for percocet I guess.

  • Katex73, thank you for the video. I am happy to see that you posted a follow-up. I love it when you tried to help the doctor drain the abscess. She probably needed another pair of hands. Keep us posted on the cellulitus. 🙂

  • Thank you Katex73 the video was great!!!!
    PLEASE remove the exacto knife thoughts from your mind, it will only lead to more misery!
    Keep the great videos coming though & good luck I am sure you must feel so much better having that drained.

  • Loved how the Doc was talking as if she was done squeezing then Katex took the initiative to do some self service squeezing. Nothing like a PTZ’er showing the pros how its done!

    Thankss for posting, Katex73!

  • No No No Cellulitis wont drain like a cyst that is in the tissue and not localized! For Heaven’s sake don’t go after it with a knife. Imgine a sponge filled with water, that is cellulitis in the tissue. go for rounds of prescribed atb. and a diuretic, then it may localize into festered areas. Be very careful with it, you may end up hospitalized with remarkable infection.

  • Is this a first? One of the members of the site posting ‘their’ experience with giant pus and goo? I appreciated the effort Katex and so glad to see something new and fresh.

    I’m part of the many members here who understand the reason reposts happen so I don’t get too miffed, but after a while, when there is no new material it can get frustrating. I can only imagine how Emilbus feels if that’s how one of his followers feels.

    Yay to self mutil– um… i’m so glad you were at a doctor and though my gross gooey need for gunk says exacto knife yeah! my inner conscience says that’s a surefire way to find more problems not healthy solutions.

    My best to you and healing,
    lil z

  • Thank you all so much for your support and concern. I absolutely love this site. I have to admit I have been somewhat of a creeper on it for sometime so when the oppurtunity to film this came up I was excited to share.

    It’s taking all I have not to pull the packing out of the abcess right now, I’ll save it for the clinician and everyone here tomorrow.

    I’m sad to say the celulitus isn’t clearing as hoped and my upper hip is still rock hard and hot even with multiple antibiotic treatment. I was joking about cutting it with an exacto knife of course, although tempting. I’m just hoping something works for it soon. My boyfriend and I are joking it’s like “temperpedic skin” bc where you press it right now it stays indented.

    Looking back at the video I forgot I even started prodding myself LOL The doctor thought I was a freak. One of my favorite parts is the last bit of audio at the end the Dr. says something like “Usually they smell” that would have been special.

    Thanks again everyone!

  • Katex you bad **ZIT**! That was some hardcoreness videotaping your own abscess and helping the doc along! 🙂

    I do feel bad that you had to see several doc’s to get this treated correctly, and now you have to battle cellulitis. I hope you heal well and get better soon!!!

    And thank you for your brave post!

  • Katex, it’s so good to see someone who doesn’t just accept the first **ZIT**essment (“nothing to drain…”) and follows her own instinct! Good for you, and nice try when you showed the doc in this video where to push to get the pus out. Too bad she paid no attention and went right back to pushing just outside the incision for more blood (mostly)! You poor thing! Cellulitis is not at all fun, and you have even kept your sense of humor. Welcome aboard (speaking for all of us pseudo-lurkers!

  • Edema is it, that’s the indention, just like a sponge full of water. I’m really surprised you’re doc. didn’t give you a fluid pill along with your antibiotics? katex, you do have a f/up appt.? I sure can feel your frustration, just try to be patient. Do you recall if dr. cultured the drainage? He gave you wide range atbs. surely they’ll do the job. Hang in there and let us know how it goes.. Blessings.

  • Take care of yourself Katex, that zit is nothing to play around with…my daughter has it bad and has had to be hospitalized because of it! Oh and eat lots of honey, as much as you can stand…and even rub it around the infected area….helps kill bacteria and besides you have nothing to lose by trying it.

  • i join in the thanks, katex! you’re obviously brilliant and won’t be engaging in dangerous DIY stuff. a word, though, to the peanut gallery: sometimes comments come awfully close to medical advice, and i am not comfortable with that. warning against doing something stupid, like dicing and slicing into cellulitis, that’s cool — but getting into suggestions like rubbing honey, taking diuretics, etc? not cool.

  • ha ha ha! i just watched it again… keeping an eye on your sneaky hand! it’s hysterical! you go *right* to where the pus is… and she comes behind you, cleaning up! how funny that you didn’t realize you were doing it (and doing it so well!!!).

  • Prof I’ll tell you that no one knows better than I about med. advice. Read my comments again. You seem to be intelligent. I have been a nurse for 25 yrs. and am very familiar with what I am legally allowed to say. I have known those to take the stand and yes, been involved myself. I would never tell a human You should…. That is beyond my scope and I am well aware of that. My words were “go for rnds. of PERSCRIBED atb et a diuretic. Why do you tx. other’s as you do? No one has tried to take anything from you here. I apologize and concede if your doctorate is in nursing science.

  • oh one last word from the peanut gallery (as prof so kindly put it) Wide range atb.without a culture and a k+sparing diuretic is most physicians protocol for such an ailment. It is cool to follow physician’s orders.

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