Extreme Pus Drainage

This girl is under general anesthesia. She got kicked in the leg and an infection formed. This is the first part of draining it. It is really yukky but there is pus!
enjoy! — ppm

posted on YouTube by chaosbuzz

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  • OMG, no disrespect implied–I could not watch to the end. No more PTZ, no more gallons of pus and **ZIT** gunk, what am I going to do for release of my anxiety? Thanks for the posting PPM. I am sure there will be many that crown the comment section with praise and glory but this one was like a scary movie.

  • I am kind of confused. I don’t remember putting that first video there, the Part 1. I didn’t want to post it because it was so gory. The second video has the pink around it so I know that is what I posted. Do you know what is up Emil? And actually they are in the wrong order. They labeled them wrong if you read their comments on YouTube. Sorry Suzie and MomE. I didn’t mean for Part 1 to be there!

  • Just too much for my stomach to handle. I guess we all have our break point.

    I saw on the page where you log in and/or can post your own videos a section called recent posts, including the ones that are pending (I’m guessing pending Emil’s approval) and in this case, two people posted the same video but the second person posted 1 and 2 or 2 and 1, and the other person just posted one of them. I think it was just consolidated.

    lil z’ opinion – not based on anything but educated guesswork

  • lil z wins the prize for educated guesswork. ppm, i submitted both vids — trying to be faithful to the videographer’s intent. you must have beat me to it, and emil combined our efforts.


    it’s a vast PTZ conspiracy to glom strange videos onto your submissions!

    these were a tad heavy on the blood — makes sense given that it sounds like the girl developed a huge hematoma after being kicked, and then that nasty infection.

  • you’re kidding, right? you’ve not minded putting your name over videos of slimey snot, fungus, and other grossitudes… but you don’t want to sully it by **ZIT**ociation with a **ZIT** medical procedure?

  • This is just INSANE!!!! Did you SEE how deep the doctor was putting those scissors in? Holy **ZIT** that is one mean infection that girl has, and from being kicked? For goodness sakes, what was she kicked by, a buffalo? Like CystFace said, I hope she didn’t lose her leg over this…..**ZIT**

  • Oh MomE, I think she is talking to me… which I thought she said she wasn’t going to do anymore. I was talking tongue in cheek about getting rid of the video up above. It is a bit too much for me just because it is ALL blood and for some reason that gets me more than pus and blood. I can take blood clots but when I see it running so free it bothers me because I know a transfusion isn’t far behind… been there done that. I just won’t watch it! Don’t worry prof… I’m okay!

  • Tried to watch again today, nope I still can’t do it, I guess there are some things that even I can’t watch…*gack*
    Good effort PPM, I’ll leave this vid for others to moan about!

  • Ok the dangle thing got to me, all I could think was “PULL THAT DAMN THING OUT!”. I’m glad she was knocked out…that would have been pure **ZIT** to go through if she was not! *cringe*

  • Hey everyone, it’s chaosbuzz-I am the doctor who filmed these videos. I shot them last month in Kenya and I had a funny feeling someone would post them to a pus **ZIT** site. I went back and changed the confusing **ZIT**les and added more description about the nature of the injury. I have another video in this series I am going to upload as well. While I was over there, we did some INSANE incision and drainages on children-healthcare is hard to come by in rural Kenya and many people would wait until it was very advanced. I invite everyone to check out my Kenya blog I wrote while I was over there-there is a good entry called “reversing the curse of the witch doctor” where I talk about draining a MASSIVE abscess on a child’s head (with pictures) from after he got surgery from a witch doctor. The site is http://medicalmacgyver.blogspot.com/ Also, check out my youtube channel for some of my comedy videos-I will upload some more of my videos tonight and tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

    • “pus **ZIT**” ? =P

      I appreciate this video as it shows how important good healthcare is. I’m amazed by what the human body can do, and videos like this remind me to take care of myself. We my play with pimples and simple cysts here, but we understand “big” items like this need a professional. Just check our comments on DYI surgery videos sometime.

      Thanks for the link to your blog.

  • I have never seen a video with copious amounts of pus like this one! The doctor even admitted that he could kick himself for letting it go this long. I smell a lawsuit. That must of hurt like **ZIT**! I hope he was under anesthesia. Great video for us none the less. Thank you for sharing!

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