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Its been a bit slow, so every once in awhile we get some maggot vids. Wow!!!

YT Commentary:

(Note: Accident took place in or before April of 2009…)
“The man had fallen off the slope and to the watermelon field down below while riding the bike. He laid there for 5 days before being discovered and rushed to the hospital, he drank rain water for survival during those days.

The doctor took 2 hours to clean out the maggots in his body, he said if it wasn’t for the maggots that clean up the dead tissues from the wound, the man could die from infection. He has recovered since then.”

TITLE: “Injured Man saved by Maggot”
YT INFO: Uploaded by ntsan on Apr 11, 2009


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  • Omg. I can’t believe I didn’t throw up. That is by far the most disgusting video I’ve seen on this site. The flap!!!! Then the EYE!! That poor, poor man. I’ll never be the same after watching that. I think I’ll be skipping lunch today.

    • This video is on here somewhere else. A shorter version. The man was riding his bike and fell off a small cliff or something and landed in a water melon field. He was there 6 days b4 they found him. He lived by drinking rain water. I think these facts are true If I got them wrong I am sorry but it is close to this.

  • I think this person is a survivor of the 2008 7.9 magnitude earthquake in the Sichuan Province in China that killed over 70,000 people. Saw an amateur video do**ZIT**entary earlier this year on the survivors that were pulled alive (barely) from the destruction WEEKS after the quake. Most had horribly infected wounds that were effectively treated with maggot therapy. Pretty gross to watch…and to imagine yourself in that condition…but it’s amazing what these little creatures can do. Just wish I didn’t watch it before I was about to eat my lunch of steamed rice.

  • This was originally posted by Halph in the forums so I will toss up the explanation that went with it.

    “A man was riding his motorcycle when he had an accident, fell down a slope and landed in a watermelon field. He was lost for 5 days before rescue! The doctor said if the maggots had not cleaned the infection and dead flesh from his wounds, he would have died. Despite their work though, he has extensive damage and in the video the little workers have NOT been removed, and they are great in numbers”

  • Thanks Vlood. That has been in the forum for ever. It was originally posted in the forum since it was too”hard core”, because there were so many people nagging already about the bot fly videos.
    Halphy always finds the nice stuff!

  • well babes, this is truly one I almost could not watch. Thank god for his little cleaners! It deserves a second time around, for those of us who have iron cons**ZIT**utions!

  • THIS IS F’N DISGUSTING!!! I have a very strong stomach for all kinds of things…but this outdoes it all…maggots eating a guys brain?? I dont think these videos have a place on this site…it’s sick, enjoying someone’s life that is obviously ruined, and rotting to death, anyone who gets enjoyment out of this needs to go get help!!!

    • It’s not that it’s enjoyable to watch this individual suffer by any means. It’s the fascination and wonder of what something so small, and seen as something dirty can be so helpful.

  • The wound is worse than the tx. Maggots only eat rotting or dead flesh.
    Thought it was posted by Halph in the forum because there was nudity & Emil couldn’t put Peter’s **ZIT** on his main page. It doesn’t matter…thanks Loveit for submitting.

  • Yea, this one is gross. However I don’t get enjoyment out of the person feeling pain. If that were the case, one wouldn’t watch 75% of the videos on here.
    I posted it because it is extremely medically interesting. I’ve never seen anything like it. Plus, we have a category for medical maggots.
    Obviously, this site is a “gross out site”. Therefore, one should expect to see gross things. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    ON another note….
    The guy heald completely. It’s SO amazing that he made it though that. It would have been more interesting if they would have showed more on how they cleaned up the wounds.

  • The good news is that this guy has now been cast in the upcoming remake of “Battleship Potempkin” as…

    Ugh… I don’t have it in me to deliver the punchline.

    Does anyone have “After” pictures of this guy from when he healed up?

    (god, the ‘peel back’ to reveal even larger maggots was just too much)

  • Well, there are a few things I want to say. Most, summed up in, OMG.

    When I first saw the wound, I’m sitting here thinking to myself, “That’s his skull. That’s his skull!? OMG THAT’S HIS SKULL. How is he still alive!?!”

    For a split second, I was saying to myself that this guy was a lost cause because of the maggots- then I whapped myself because I then remembered, medicinal maggots!

    After that, when the flap was raised and eyeball revealed, my stomach did not churn, it did not roil. Instead, I said this:

    I hope those little **ZIT**s are enjoying that yummy meal! Mmmm, a cut of death straight from the skull- decadent! Diseased eyeball is such a delicacy nowadays! They’re in maggot heaven at a 5 star restaurant!

    Okay, I’m done now.

  • yup, those maggots are having quite the feast! i can’t imagine what the ones in his eye must have felt like. i know how uncomfortable it is just to have a stray eyelash or eye-snot floating about, i simply cannot fathom squirming maggots.

    loved the giant-sized “king kong q-tips”

    surprisingly, i was not as grossed out as i expected to be, i must be becoming desensitized to all things nasty.

    • Well, as far as I understand, maggots feast on decaying/rotten/dead flesh, not healthy flesh. So his eye was probably decaying and not attached to any live nerves. Or at least that is what I hope, so that he would not have to feel them moving and eating his eye.

  • Wow, this poor fellow. “loveit” claims he totally healed. I hope that’s true. I didn’t have the courage to look it up myself.

    On a happier note, isn’t Mother Nature amazing?

  • sorry, loveit but I can’t bring myself to watch this especially after all the comments I have read. You post good vids so I am sure it is great. I can take controlled surgeries with blood and junk but stuff like this kind of freaks me out. You are right catmom… Mother Nature truly IS amazing.
    Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Same to all of you poppers here!

  • I do agree that mother nature is amazing, but I disagree that this site is a “gross out site” I. like many on here are not grossed out by puss and pimples, but facsinated, with a non-**ZIT**ual pus-fetish. This stuff is way beyond what I can handle, and it’s a first for me on here…I don’t mean to sound like a whiney spoil sport, but I don’t think this vid belongs on here, but in the end it;s up to Emil, and he obv thinks it’s ok, so I’ll leave it at that lol

  • did everyone notice how clean the scalp was when it was pulled back? No exudate, absence of necrotic flesh, it amazed me, he was clean. i think god is kind enough to allow us to forget such a traumatic event as fly larvae in our eyes. That rational gets me through alot.

  • The reason I originally posted this in the forums was A) kinda hardcore but moreover B) full frontal male nudity, even tho’ you don’t really see his, uh, package, the pubic area is clearly unclothed and I was concerned given the sites sponsorship does not like nudity.

    Giant Q-Tips. Perfect X-mas gift for someone who can’t remember to not stick anything smaller than your elbow in the ear c**ZIT**… a Q-Tip the size of an elbow! I want some!!!!!

    πŸ™‚ ~ H.S.

  • i don’t think people get pleasure out of watching this, but rather, fascination of what the body does and how nature treats it. there is nothing that grosses me out but this had me glued. when they were coming out of his eyes i just couldn’t believe it. i think i’d want some really awesome narcotics or to be knocked out if this happened.

  • sebaceous, I’ll be the first to agree with you, this is soo hard to watch, we have to remember, without those larvae eating the dead flesh as the working bacteria did it’s job on that man’s body. I’m sure today, he would be dead. It’s hard to say,but if was me laying in a (watermelon patch, wasn’t it?)My body exposed to the elements the earth in open wounds, and other insect that is harmful expedited infection d/t dehydration. I believe I would welcome the fly larvae to battle the working necrosis. It’s my personal belief he was probably not in the conscious world, and was unaware. In my mind, I like to think god is kind that way.

  • omg i thought it was a corpse as well…poor **ZIT**, er what happened to the eyes?….maggots are gross in saying that i breed/grow them for my frogs and am delighted when they hatch into flies…throw some iodene on them and watch them jump right off….

  • I shoulve been more clear with the description,sorry. he was in a motercyle accident and fell into a watermelon patch, which did save his life,well the maggots do ,they helped him live,by getting all the bad stuff.the eye thing? eww i know but its cool,no special effects!

  • I read the description back when it came out.that motorcycle spill into a watermelon patch did a number on him,the maggotts saved his life apparently,still he’s a miracle to be alive. I think he lost his left eye though woops! i try to watch as much as possible,i refuse to be a weak woman over this stuff.lol oh well maggotts and popping on

  • First of all, this is a stellar example for the reason we have helmet laws in the U.S. Second, how can people find this gross when you take into consideration what the maggots are doing? They only eat dead tissue, no dead tissue means no dead tissue to get infected – they basically saved his life to some extent. Very cool!

  • Wasnt the eyes the first thing to take care of?
    The poor man must have live far,far,far away from the hospital,cuz these big maggots takes along time to get that big!At least,a couple days,IMO!

    I wasnt disgusted by it,but,I’ve got to admit,this vid is something!!!Liked it a lots.

    Thanks for the originals posters and the PTZ vid finder;its appreciated.

  • I have viewed this vid many times, it still fascinates me. The obvious difference in the size of the larvae suggests to me, he was there a while, accompanied with the discoloration in the exposed body parts. Im sure our fellow must have underwent grafts. Even though the larvae kept the infection down. In order to heal, there must be adequate blood circulation.. That large scalp flap appeared to have no blood flow. I’m fascinated all over again!

  • As an ER MD in a large city and having seen patients with maggot infested wounds, that was truly the worst and most horrific. Medicinal maggots are minuscule and almost translucent upon application. Even after 48 hours of therapy, they don’t look like that at the time of removal. Some of those maggots had been present in that man’s skin (mostly those near the skull) as long as 5 or 6 days. The appearance of his skin indicates that he had been confined to a dark and damp location for a great duration of time, maybe almost a week. I have never seen anything like it. Truly horrific. Let there be no doubt that those creepy little beasts consumed a large amount of necrotic tissue and ultimately may have saved his life by preventing septicemia.

  • Three words… WHAT THE HECK?!

    I’ve seen many maggot-infested bodies by now – and the ones that were as infested as that of this poor **ZIT** were dead.

    How, I mean… how?!

  • I wonder why the Docs did not care abt the eyes?They were full of maggots!Both of them….

    What a feeling it should be….having thousand of maggots in your eyes!

    I’m pretty sure that the poor dude’s arms (both of them) were broken,cuz he never once tried to “take these maggots out of his eyes”.Something prevented him from scratching his eyes!
    I love this vid.
    Tnx for posting it!Fascinating πŸ˜‰

  • Maggots, Leeches…mother nature provides some great (if gross) medicine for maladies. I am hoping that the optic nerves were deadened so he couldn’t feel that part, but sometimes those little munchers are the only/best way to clear necrotic flesh and save a life.

  • OOOOMMMMGGGG!!!!! WHAT?!!!! Thats HORRIBLE!!!!! At first I thought he was dead then he moved… There was a flap… then they ate his eye!!!! The doctor wasn’t even bothering to get them out!!!! If he’s alive then he must be the LUCKIEST GUY ON EARTH!!!!!

  • Somehow… I’m feeling itchy all over right now… I guess I’m gonna take a shower and wash my hair with insectizides xD

    And I didn’t understand a single word of what was said, but I’d bet my **ZIT** the poor guy says “Kill me!”… that’s what I would’ve said, anyway πŸ˜‰

  • I too first thought this was a dead body. I actually was sure it was because of the color of the skin, then they started shaving the head and I thought “that’s weird, why are they shaving the head? Is it a custom in their country to shave off body hair before burial?” then the (was it 2 police men?) came up to the table and “appeared” to be speaking TO the corpse. I thought how weird is that? and I kept hearing this other voice, like it was answering (the camera was not on his mouth yet) and then I was like NO F#@KIN WAY!!!!! He canNOT be alive. And then I saw his mouth moving and I was OMG HE’S NOT DEAD. Oh and to the one person who thinks we enjoy this kind of video, I explain it like explaining why ppl slow down when they see an accident to see if they can see if everyone is alive or hurt badly. It’s not because we want them to be dead or hurt, it’s just cause of our need to know. I suspect some are ghouls and do hope to see ppl with open bleeding wounds or a dead body….but I think they’re mostly just curious. Bret Michaels Rock of Love!!! I mean honestly….THREE SEASONS. Perfect explanation of train wreck you can’t take your eyes off cause you just CAN’T BELIEVE IT.

  • i also thought it was a dead body at first until he started speaking back to the doc omg why didn’t they put him to sleep they would have had to put me out cold i hate worms thats the female side of me but one good thing is the maggots are cleaning it thats whats keeping him a ticking the most disturbing part was the maggots going in and out of his eye lid at the end my god…im going to have nightmares tonight and why am i sooooooo dang addicted to watching this stuff i can’t stop watching its like i have found my new favorite website thanks πŸ™‚

    • Nah…these worms are not medical thats for sure.

      Before cleaning a wound with medical worms,they will clean the wound as much as they can,shave his hairs,etc…

      Plus inside his scalp there was some HUGE maggots (they’ve been there for a while!),and (THE WORST OF IT ALL) the poor guy’s eye were full of worm.I hope he did not lose his sight (if he survived)!!!

      I’m pretty sure hes got a fractured orbital bone.
      And IMO,(just an opinion) the man got stucked under a building after
      an earthquake,a fire,IDK but something like that.

      Oh,and btw,the worm’s eggs were planted there by some kind of flies.
      It really was an awful situation.

  • Wow! It was disturbing enough and then they life a piece of scalp like it was astroturf or sod. Then we see them in his eyes near the end. I suspect they were every where there was any type of wound. **ZIT** Bless him and I hope he recovered and is now doing well. And if these injuries were caused by another human and not some horrific accident, there is a special place reserved for you on judgment day!

  • That was shocking….to be that injured and alone for 5 days. I can only imagine what went through his mind. He probably would have died without the maggots as the doctor said but the thought of something nibbling at me sends chills up my spine. Thank you for sharing this most shocking video.

  • loveit, I wish we relative newcomers had a way to find out whether this patient was able to recover.

    Besides the language barrier, there is the fact that all we really observed was this gentleman’s head being shaved.

    Was there a followup video showing the maggot removal procedure?

    If anyone out there has heard a 2012 update, please mention it in chat. Thanks. poppy

  • I’ve see my share of maggot on humans and animal videos, some worse than this one. The worst part for me was when they lifted the flap of skin, you can see huge maggots. Hope that man really did in fact survive. If so, he probably has lots of scars on his head. I’m wondering of the maggots in his eye(s) affected his sight.

  • I have to disagree with all the squeamish people on here. I really liked this video. Its biology in its finest form. I’m sure that poor guy had so much nerve damage to his face that he didn’t even feel nature’s little helpers cleaning up. And to be alive after all he survived is AMAZING!!!

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