Giant Neck Cyst Part 1 & 2

Wow this thing is ripe!

Part 1 – GOtta love the squirt onto his shoulder!!!

part 2 The Finale

Part 2

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  • HOLY CRAP! I involuntarily drew away from my monitor! But I’m afraid he’ll have yet another one to video, because that had to be an ingrown hair, and even in all that splurching I never saw it come out.

    BTW, were they speaking Swedish most of the time?

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! It was sweet! But isn’t that Australian they’re speaking or are my speakers decievinig me? Yes, I agree, if he doesn’t get that (hair or whatever) totally cleaned out he’ll be back for a trifecta! But that first one was priceless, you could see all the infection “lumps” before he evacuated it and he should have made a larger hole for as much infection as he had in there. Keep rockin and keep poppin!! This made my day!! Thanks Emil, when you going on Letterman??

  • yes, yes, I too loved the video, but these are the one’s where I think two things… 1) at what point when you wake up and find a giant lump on your neck do you not think you need medical attention and 2) he’s probably dead from sepsis by now… I know, I know, I am being negative for such a wonderful video, but **ZIT**, see a doctor!

  • It is Swedish and some Finnish…. Pretty much the same stuff. I am liking it!!!
    BTW, the dude is cute as well and I would drain his cyst anytime. Just have to put the girlfriend into the closet… lol

  • ok dude, now that you have successfully decreased the size of your neck **ZIT**, take a shower with some heavy duty antibacterial soap, throw away that pus-ridden roll of toilet paper, disinfect that bathroom, and get your goofy **ZIT** to the doctor before that infection migrates to your jugular…

  • I mentione it before but could you imagine making the popcorn and sitting down to watch this and have it in 3D? The popcorn would go flying during that first gloroius squirt. That was really nice.

    If I had something liike that on my neck I would have either popped it long before it got like that or the doctor would be doing a CAT scan or ultrasound on it to see what the **ZIT** it was!

  • This could easily become a cl**ZIT**ic… .but oh… wanted to see MORE glorious pus flying out of that thing! Maybe there will be part three in the ER somewhere in Sweden, Finland, Holland, wherever!

  • chest hair is fine as long as its the straight, soft, smooth kind and not the pubic kind, that grows round to the shoulders, back and **ZIT**.

    i hate hugging a brillo pad and having to vacuum my bed.

  • To: **ZIT**wart

    “He probably has European socialist healthcare and since the wait to see the doctor is measured in months, he has to perform his own surgery.”

    I too live in an European country and have this boogie man bad “socialist health care system” and I can tell you, my pimple loving friend, that we never have to wait for a doctor for months. We can call them and they make house calls, we can go to the clinic and see one without making an appointment and we can also do it the old fashioned way and either make an appointment or if the situation is dire, we go to the emergency room. And the best bit is, we pay a minimal amount for this great service. In my country, you never pay more than 250 dollars PER YEAR for doctors appointments and surgeries. If you reach the 250 dollar limit, all appointments after that, are free.

    I sure hope Obama will save you and help you see the light, the bright light that is socialized medicine.

    All the best from Iceland.

  • wow filapensill,
    i would gladly pay a modest fee to improve our system here in canada, while it is not the worst in the world, it sure could be an awful lot better.

    the wait times are long here, doctors there is a shortage of and to see a specialist, you may be dead before you get that appointment, especially if you suffer from a life threatening illness, or be way worse off than your original condition, for which you were to see that specialist. thus requiring even more specialists and more wait times.
    its not the best here at all, as some believe.

    there is a thread in the forums here that was started by “magna” on healthcare around the world, you may want to pop in there and offer your input too.

  • BOO-YA! Can you imagine what the post-pop infection site would look like with a nice dousing of hydrogen peroxide?

    Ditto on the people who said “see a doc and get antibiotics stat!” For that, I’d go straight to a broad-spectrum synthetic.

  • looks like his lymph is infected, talk about nasty and there is still so much for it to give. i just watched it again a couple times to see that awesome chunky squirt on the shoulder.

  • I just can’t stop watching this vid. Is it the wonderful give from a right on cyst, or the handsome blond viking getting my sleeping hormones stirring? LOL! Take a look @ his back at approx., well REAL close to 101, Looks like he’s got a healthy growth coming along on the mid. middle back. Watcha think??

  • Nope, it’s the second CHRIST! it’s too early for me, and I’ve been up all night.. Betcha by now ya dont care about the stupid area supposedly @ 101! Sooo,if any one cares to indulge crazy old mothereruption, that would be the second vid. @101 I swear Gunther has another goody growing…. I’m off to bed!

  • Just to clear things out on what nationality this guy has, he is swedish. And he is speaking swedish most of the time apart from speaking english in the beginning to introduce you to his “little man”.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also in Sweden health care is exellent and you only have to pay a minimal amout per year if you get sick, about 100 euros, then you have free healthcare for a year.
    also btw “Squirt” swedish and finnish is not “basically the same stuff” completely different languages ๐Ÿ™‚
    sorry if i come of as an **ZIT** now, just wanted to clear things up!

  • Wow! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! That was great ‘volcanic lava flow’ pus action plus ‘content under pressure’ explosions. I’m sure our guy cleaned up nice and will be back for part 3. Thanks for posting.

  • It looks like a branchial cleft cyst, not an ingrown hair. If you google branchial cleft cyst you’ll see what I’m talking about. We’ve had other videos here on PTZ that show them. That’s probably why he’s not that worried about it.

    Great video!

  • It’s Swedish, and in Sweden, English is a second language. Also, from having lived there, their healthcare system is freakin excellent! There is no wait. They do, however, have to pay over 40% in taxes, but with free and excellent healthcare and university, not to mention free child care and one month paid vacation every year, I think that it’s more than a bargain. May we be so lucky! Tak so mujke! Jag har glomte mujke de min Svenska!

  • Yes, yet another one removed–but to say it is because of shocking and disgusting content! Wish I knew. Hey, anybody “capture” it before it got pulled? Then it could be posted here again maybe? Not sure how that copyright stuff works

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