Nastiest Pus Filled Elbow Ever!

Not much else to say here – it is just one of those things where the **ZIT**le describes exactly what it is, but still can fail to do the video justice. I guess all I can say is watch it… and keep the bucket handy. It is quite **ZIT**, and a **ZIT** mess for that matter. Oh, and I just love it when you are introduced to a new use for something ordinary – I will never look at a bottle cap the same way. Hey, I guess it was handy… but if you wanted to save something, wouldn’t the empty bottle work better??

I love good mining expeditions on YouTube. Some nights, you just get a Full House, or even Four Aces!

tee hee… just for fun, towards the very end of the video say “doink da doink da doink.” Trust me, you’ll know when. LMAO

~ H.S.

taylor’s f**ked elbow.3GP” (I put in the asterix, FYI) originally created and posted to YouTube by blacktoothgrinkid

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