Pus Pig – Absolutely Top of the List NASTY!!! **BE WARNED**

This is an ultimately disgusting video. For those of you who are even the tinest bit sensitive – DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! I am completely serious. The pus comes from a 200 lb boar that is in the process of being dressed, which is the hunter’s polite term for the animal being hacked up for meat. So there is NOTHING pretty about this particular video. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, DO NOT WATCH. Please.

You may ask, “Why Halph Staph? Why are you posting this?” Because despite the gross out factor, the pus is truly amazing. Maybe I am a bit desensitized from the thousands of horror films I have watched in my 36 years. But I do know there are those who visit PTZ who will actually enjoy this video, so I post it, like I have posted other potentially gross clips, with full warnings. And to boil it down to the basics – it is rare and unique, that’s why I submitted it.

So please, respect those who want to watch and don’t complain in comments, as I respect those who like to stick with the tamer stuff. For a few, this vid may be a popologists dream. (or nightmare, lol)


For those that do watch, ENJOY!
~ H.S.

PUSS PIG (Grossest Thing in the World)” originally created and posted to YouTube by 57LostBoy77

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