Dr. Janakiram Presents Nasal Myiasis (Nose Maggots)

As Dr. J said on his posting… “DO NOT SEE THIS VIDEO IF YOU HAVE A WEAK HEART”. The preminent ENT removes quite the large number of maggots from the nostrils of his patient, apparently utilizing ether (for the gusanos or the patient, I wonder… probably both!)

What a combination! Miyasis and Dr. Janakiram! Five whole minutes of nose maggots! Happy Day!

~ H.S. (watching it again in a moment!)

NASAL MYIASIS” an original presentation by Dr. Janakiram, posted to YouTube on February 06, 2010

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  • Now THAT was indeed rather disgusting. How do you not know this is going on? On the other hand, one of my friends who has chronic sinus problems may want to try this since the roto-rooter surgery didn’t work.

  • OOoooohhhhwwww Yeahhh !!!! Now thats a good one…cant be Nasty enough ! Imagine those critters become Fly in the nose,…. Super Halph !! Another Great Vid on your impressive posting List. 5 maggots..eeuuhhh STARS

  • We are totally in a state of emergency in MD at this point because of a nasty nasty storm. I’m stuck in the house soooooo I took a look at my favorite website and give my 2 cents worth. So here goes!!

    Lordy Lordy, what a moving(teehee) experience this one was. I’m an old lady and a tough one at that, but I must say this one has me wondering on how one cannot know there is something a bit strange eating at your nasal cavity. Can you imagine trying to go to sleep at night and hear and feel this **ZIT** moving in your head???? This Dr J just seems to find the most vile procedures I have ever seen. I just hope the guy is ok.

  • In third world countries, ANYTHING is possible! Now, having said that, I have no idea where this particular patient is from. However, I would guess India, which has some of the most vile and disgusting diseases and illnesses known to man. Their average yearly income is on par with what the average American earns in just one MONTH! Not much green left over for medical care…unless it’s just a life or death situation. And sometimes, not even then. Just sad….

  • an indian math professor that i know returned home a few years ago to visit her family. they are fairly well off, educated (and any other valued western attribute you could think of…).
    while home, her brother took ill, developed some sort of infection. they took him to a major hospital. now get this: the *family* was responsible for his basic care, for finding medicine that he needed, etc. the doctors would tell them “he needs x, y, z” and they would take off running around the city on a medical treasure hunt, trying to locate necessary drugs and supplies. imagine the reaction in u.s. were such an onus placed on families. imagine if you had no family!
    okay, this was too gross for me. all i can do is echo the question: how does this happen?

  • I almost didn’t watch this, but I do like how tenacious Dr. J. is when working on his patients. He’s always really thorough, and I enjoy most of his videos.

    Nose maggots? Maybe the guy had been snorting fly eggs?

  • good lord, wow, its like it just never stops, you think he gets them all then nope out pops another one, didnt gross me out more than just make me go ehhh and rub my nose the entire time watching, good vid though

  • Oh yeah there’s some nasties in India! We have them here in the States too, but even without health insurance, the medical care is def. better! There are flies that will lay eggs in open sores that eat live tissue rather than necrotic. Thereby making live tissue necrotic. Poor guy!

    Dr. J is a total rocstar! I wanted to light those ginormous maggots on fire! lol

    5 Stars HS!!!

  • OH MY GOD!! So if they don’t get all the maggots out, do they start eating into his brain? Or his eyes? Some of those suckers were pretty good at hiding! I hope the stuff he squirted into his nose at the end kills the ones he couldn’t find. I’m just slightly sick to my stomach!

  • Man… I usually can’t watch these kind of videos but I did since HS posted it. She is the QUEEN of posting here at PTZ and all hers are pretty okay. Yuk… no offense HS, but this is just plain gross! Good thing Dr. J. could relieve his discomfort! thanks to both Dr. J. and HS for posting! They are both rockstars!

  • @califa: The answer to your question is: यहाँ वापस आना तुम कमीने थोड़ा; yahām̐ vāpasa ānā tuma kamīnē thōṛā!

    Translation was from Google, so the accuracy might be a bit off.

  • how do the maggots get into the nose?
    cant he feel them moving around in there?
    how does the dr make sure he gets all of them?
    if they gas the patient so he doesnt feel this,
    how come the maggots dont get put to sleep also?
    i thought maggots only ate dead tissue?

  • Google translator is actually really good at translating. The way you say, for example, I have a headache, in Italian, is Mi fa male la testa. Google translates it to I have a headache, but all other translating sites I have been to say something along the lines of The head does me badly, which is a more literal translation.

    On another note, OMG!!!! EWW!!! If someone ever tells me I’ve got fifteen billion maggots in my nose, they better have the sedation syringe already plugged into the IV, because I’m gonna freak the F out!

  • Apparently this happens in poor tropical areas of the world. I looked into this a bit…Myiasis is the infestation of the organs or tissues of host animals by the larval stages of dipterous flies, usually known as maggots or grubs. The fly larvae feed directly on the host’s necrotic or living tissue, or in ulcerated mucosa and cavities.

  • Not being able to see this video almost made me toss my computer across the room. I’ve come across SO many removed videos and they always have tantilizing headers that make me want to see them even more. Is it sick that the more you warn me how bad the video is, the more I want to see it??? Whoever is in charge of youtube needs his head kicked in.

  • Yes, please if someone has this, please please re-post so that your fellow popsters can either gag or rejoice w/ you. Don’t hold out on us, that’s just cruel after reading all these comments and not being able to see it for ourselves. Thanks loads!

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